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The maximum hardness measured shall not exceed HV using 5 or 10 kg load. On SAW pipe for automatic welding, local out-of-roundness deviation from the normal cylindrical contour in the form of peaking or flattening of the seam shall not exceed 0.

As an alternative, it is acceptable to carry out inspection for laminar imperfections on pipe adjacent to the weld seam in accordance with ISO with the acceptance criteria given in Table K. Retesting Requirements A heat that fails the acceptance criteria above may be retested as follows: For each xamss containing cracks, a photograph shall be taken of the complete cross-section.

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These control samples shall have demonstrated HIC-cracking sensitivity, i. The assumed residual stress shall be computed using the following formula. Acceptance criteria shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 J minimum for individual values based on full size specimen.

High frequency welded pipes is not allowed for on-plot applications. Vendor shall also supply any other information required to show that the valves comply fully with the purchase order. Certification can be based on measurements conducted by the steel mill and reported in the mill test certificates of the raw material.


Wooden bearing strips shall be used. This annex is mandatory for all seamless pipes irrespective of service. For fabricated valves, this limitation applies only to the ends.

These samples shall be oriented longitudinally, i. Hardness test is required on all line items of every purchase order including pipes ordered for non-sour service. The markings shall be paint stenciled using a medium and protective varnish that will provide a legible marking for at least one year of outside storage. Documentation for HIC testing facility, including, but not limited to the following: On SAW pipe, local out-of-roundness deviation from the normal cylindrical contour of the seam shall not exceed 0.

See commentary in 9. Heat-treatment of pipe may be used in lieu of cold expansion, provided that heat treatment does not cause any adverse effect on the mechanical properties and pipe roundness. The manufacturer, trade name and type of weld wires and fluxes used for the PQR shall be specified on the WPS as essential variables.


Use of two or more wires sa,ss accepted as equal to sass welding passes. Unless stated to the contrary in the Purchase Order, pipe manufactured to this specification must be suitable for internal and external coating with fusion bonded epoxy and other applicable coating materials. Plates or skelps shall be ultrasonically inspected for laminations throughout the body, spaced 75 mm on center when scanning parallel to the major plate axis or mm on center when scanned perpendicular to the major plate axis.


If the cracks are located partly within 1.


The above requirements pertaining to impact testing are in line with paragraph 4. Prior to cutting the ring, fiducial marks shall be placed on either side of the proposed cut location. Heavy adhesive tape shall samws used around the complete circumference of the plywood cover and the valve end connection.

NDT equipment should be set up to detect both longitudinal and transverse defects. This laboratory shall use HIC test methods and control samples in accordance with this specification.

The size of the lettering shall be commensurate with the diameter of the pipe, but in no case less than 0. As a minimum, the drawings shall depict the following as applicable: In lieu of pyrometers, it is acceptable to attach thermocouples to the pipe for monitoring the temperature.

The Vendor shall ensure that all materials used for valve components in rubbing or sliding contact will not gall. Page 17 of 28 Document Responsibility: The carbon equivalent shall not exceed the maximum limits tabulated below, unless approved by the Chairman of the Saudi Aramco Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee.

A complete product test as required by B. The carbon equivalent C. B The manufacturer, trade name and type of weld wires and fluxes used for the PQR shall be specified on the WPS as essential variables. The pipe shall be marked with the actual grade.