To help you make informed decisions about safety, this manual contains a section devoted to Motorcycle Safety, as well as a number of Safety Messages. Honda CRF R Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honda CRF R Assembly Instructions Manual. View and Download Honda CRFR owner’s manual online. Honda CRFR. CRFR Motorcycle pdf manual download.

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Remove the exhaust pipe page Connect the brake pedal return spring 13 if it was removed.

crf250e Align the groove in the outer tube changes in overall handling. There’s no inventory to take on, nothing to ship and no customer service to deal with.

Honda CRF250R Owner’s Manual

Authorized Manuals For purchases outside U. Remove the subframe page Page Front Suspension Adjustments 4. Do not let the washers and nuts fall into the 7 engine hanger plates crankcase.

However, if you replace only the oil before 6. Page 73 Do not align the piston pin clip end gap with the piston cut-out 6.

Sixty-nine different thickness shims 2 are available from the thinnest 1. Remove the disc cover 8 by removing the Do not support the brake caliper by the brake mounting rubbers 4 and handlebar 5.

After installing the fork leg page tighten the fork damper to the specified torque: Be aware that motocross is a physically demanding sport that requires more than just a fine motorcycle. Sand often requires a bit more rebound ,anual to minimize rear end kick.


Honda CRF 250 R 2008 Manuals

Page 66 1 shims 2 valve retainers 4. Transporting Your Motorcycle If you use a truck or motorcycle trailer to To secure your CRF, brace the front wheel transport your Honda, we recommend that you against the front of the truck bed or trailer rail.

Remove the seat mounting crf250d 1side cover bolts 2 and side covers 3. Air is an unstable gas which builds up pressure Rebound Damping Adjustment as it is worked such as in a fork. Remove the fuel tank page To make it easy manua, use, the manual contains a table of contents, a detailed list of topics at the beginning of each section, and an index at the back of the book.

Honda CRFR – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Page 94 3 joint pipe clamp bolt 4 exhaust joint pipe mounting bolt 5 exhaust joint pipe 4 exhaust joint pipe 5 gasket 6 exhaust pipe Servicing Your Honda Page Honda carburetor jet sizes are numbered in The minimum to maximum range of pilot screw increments of 2 or 3. Keep your Honda in Safe Condition.

Rotate the carburetor and align the lug 12 on the carburetor with the slot 13 on the insulator. Page 74 Do not damage the piston rings and cylinder walls.


Lubricate the drive chain page 85 if it appears dry or shows signs of rust.

Check the following items page numbers are at the Check the following before each ride: Add coolant up to the filler neck if the level is low. Measure the float level 25 with the float 11 and accelerator pump cover Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before you ride can cause a crash in which you can be seriously crf250f or killed. Loosen the lock nut 1. The Importance Of Maintenance Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before you ride can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed.

Page 70 Do not let the nuts, washers, valve lifters, shims, and cam chain fall into the crankcase. Remove the spark plug page Set the axle holder in a vise with a piece of 8.

Replacement requires mechanical skill. Do not align the piston pin clip end gap with the piston cut-out 6. Quick Reference Engine No. Follow the suggestions given in the pages of this manual for lubricating items such as the brake and clutch lever pivot points and footpeg pivot pins.

I appreciate that you offer tech support.