Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual ( pages) vehicle break- in, cargo loading) , driving (engine transmission operation) Related Manuals for Honda Civic Sedan. Automobile Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual. Honda cr-v automobile owners manual ( pages). *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Honda Civic Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating.

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During a Call Press and release the Talk button. Page ; or write to: When replacing a bonda, handle regularly carry heavy items in the it by its base, and protect the glass trunk or pull a trailer, readjustment from contact with your skin or hard may be required.

To delete a name, do this: Preparing to Drive You should do the following checks Check that any items you may be Fasten your seat belt. If it seems slushy or frozen, do not try A battery can explode if you do jump starting until it thaws. API certification seal, and it is the proper weight. Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance.

Honda 2009 Civic Sedan Owner’s Manual

If the Engine Overheats If you do not see steam fivic spray, If there was no coolant in the Start the engine, and set the leave the engine running and reserve tank, you may need to add temperature control dial to watch the temperature gauge. Mirrors, Parking Brake Heated Mirrors Parking Brake Driving the vehicle with the parking brake applied can damage the rear brakes and hubs. Make sure Make sure the moonroof if the front wheels away from the the parking brake is set firmly, or cibic and the windows are curb.


Oqners complete stop and then shift. If the starter positive terminal on your to the negative terminal on motor still operates slowly, check battery. Vehicles The tires on your vehicle meet all Treadwear Traction U.

Select a Honda Vehicle Enter the year and model to access manuals, guides, and warranty information. If you turn the ignition switch to the Page Audio System Models without navigation system To Select a Station SCAN The scan function samples Preset Each side of the buttons Mwnual can use any of five methods to all stations with strong signals on the 1 through 6 can store one find radio stations on the selected selected band.

Keep this The system automatically area clear of leaves and other debris. Drive slowly along the shoulder until The vehicle hodna easily roll off you get to an exit or an area to stop the jack, seriously injuring that is far away from the traffic lanes. Make sure it does CONE center of the flat tire. On vehicles with aluminum wheels, you purchase directional tires, rotate improper wheel weights can damage only front-to-back. HandsFreeLink These category icons indicate how many numbers are stored for the Preference person.

Push down Clean the wheels as you would the the lock tab. Emergency Towing Emergency Towing If your vehicle needs to be towed, If, due to damage, your vehicle must call a professional towing service or be towed with the front wheels on organization. Sign in to select your vehicle Sign in to view manuals and warranties specific to your vehicle.

Protecting Children General Guidelines If You Must Drive with Several If a Child Requires Close If a child requires close physical Children Attention attention or frequent visual contact, Your vehicle has a back seat where Many parents say they prefer to put we strongly recommend that another children can be properly restrained.


Page Parking Always use the parking brake when Parking Tips If the vehicle is facing uphill, turn you park your vehicle. Your safety, and safety others, you to potential hazards that could, possible to ownerd you about all, you will find this important safety information in variety forms. On all models except U.

Honda Civic Workshop Manuals |

Honda Motor Oil is the preferred intervals shown on the information 5W lubricant for your vehicle. Important information about securing 2nd row seats properly. There is also a list things check, covering your new vehicle, how, how to order manuals other. Important information about securing 2nd row seats properly. Install each restraint in its proper location.

DX Push the appropriate edge of the Be sure to adjust the mirrors before adjustment switch to move the you start driving. To signal a lane high 20009 indicator will come on change, push lightly on the lever, see page. When you You will be asked to re-enter the PIN number from any phonebook. Manual Transmission cause your clutch to wear out faster.

To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now. Some features do not require any action on your part. To print manuall manual completely, please, download it.