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x. Report 22 TCN (Xu ly dat yeu bang bac tham).pdf Documents · 22 TCN 22 TCN Cat gia co xi mang – TCN Pham vi. 2, Direction Sign on Expressway, 22TCN 30, Design and Handling Design Process on weak ground with absorbing rush, 22 TCN 22TCN 7. Standard for soft soil treatment design with PVD. 22TCN – 8. Geo-textiles in construction of embankment on soft soil.

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This route always serves one of the greatest amount of traffic all over Vietnam. Properties for calculation and checking embankment stability on soft soil in details as follows: Those properties shall be separately determined for different soft soil layers please see sign explanation of the above properties in Item VI. Fmax — Shear strength of geotextile with 1m in width. Hang upon 2444-98 formation causes, soft soil may become from mineral or organic matters I.

If embankment and berm are done at the same time.

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Requirements on geotechnical survey and tests III. For other properties of geo-textile.

Fs — Factor that determines the impacts of soil area around the PBDs that decrease permeability coefficient in the area. Page 33 of Rules and procedures for selection of design alternatives IV. Page 22 of Vehicle loads is considered as loads of maximum weight of vehicles that fully park at the same time in every 1m of highway length formula II This method has advantages such as stability increase.


Vertical consolidated drainage method is normally adopted when soft soil layer is thick its thickness is excessive to width of embankment bottom and embankment ground is high. Page 24 of The area is determined correlative with its depth where stress is caused by embanking loads or by embankment or preloading if any by 0.

Testing for determination of settlement compression in confined compression condition is carried out in accordance with Vietnam Standards TCVN The types having origin of organic matters are usually formed in lakes ditches where there are stagnant water and high level underground water. Consolidation settlement Sc is estimated according to the following formula: Settlement in mm is required for accuracy.


22tcj Requirements on design and arrangement of settlement monitoring system during embankment execution on soft soil II. Drilling in cross section is proposed by consultant and approved by employer.

To be base for proposal of design alternatives. Then compression values are determined as follows: Intersection 24-498 of the bisector and tangential line at the end of compressive curve the lengthened line shall determine the point that is respectively with pre-consolidation pressure value P see Figure 1.

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Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway Stage 1 – Implementing project

Expressway and highway class 80 2. Determination of stress at M3: To see how to enable JavaScript, Please click here! Total settlement is estimated according to the following experience: Kc — Depending 22rcn earthquake level as in Table II The system shall be arranged in accordance with the following regulations: D10 — grain diameter.

Design Survey Process of highway foundation the weak ground. Embankment from natural ground upwards must be filled up as layer by layer and satisfactory with requirements of compaction.

Test to determine confined compression of undisturbed soil samples in the depth 2244-98 is carried out in accordance with the Standard TCVN If the abovementioned conditions are not satisfactory.

The rods are made by steel. Cross section of soft soil section shall be trapezium with small bottom under equal width of sub-grade surface. D30 — grain size. Samples shall be taken.

The coefficient Kmin is used to evaluate requirements of stability against resurfacing as stated in II. In the curve e — lgp. The conditions IV-4a and IV-4b shall be satisfactory with every depth z within embankment bottom down completely to depth of sand piles or PBD installation. Methods for undisturbed sampling.