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Security stations that are installed in the eastern provinces aim to provide security and safety of the pipelines.

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It should be considered that with present applications, this security fact, and its cost should ve discussed thoroughly. There have been some serions technical reports that this incident might be a technical safety issue for mishandling the facility. Pipeline transfer of natural gas has become very favorable, owing to its tarnsfer utility and cost effectiveness aspects. In those regions, there had been 20 theft events until September and thieves and their tankers had been seized, securing 75 tons of fuel.

One other issue to discuss is the use of technology on pipeline security.

The difference in security applications between the region east of Sivas where terrorism activities posed threat in the past, and that of western regions verifies this fact. Aftermath of these events may lead to costly repair process and loss of prestige on the way of being an energy hub in Turkey. Daily loss that is caused for any reason is around US dollars. Kanuj fact there are applications on other sectors by means of this method, in other words, private security corporations are seriously engaged in sensitive installations such as airports, shopping centers, and even in public offices.

Iran had also planned to transfer its natural gas via this pipeline in the future. Therefore all the kannu and requests are burdened on JGK provided with the pipelines expanding its duties and work load in addition to its conventional missions, not to mention the potential of new routes.

The main purpose of this law is to enhance the ways to protect pipelines, to establish Federal Pipeline Safety Administration under Secretary of Transportation, and to review national pipeline security policies. On this table this information is not covered. On the other hand, one may claim that after cleansing of terrorism in the region, sabotage and terror threat against the pipelines would be no longer an issue.


This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the accord that was signed between these countries in Today, after proper arrangements, these stations have not only been used for protecting their respective pipelines, bu also cross-used for protecting other pipeline that intersect neigboring pipleines. In the short term, physical security of the main facilities has to be revised and new ways kaunn strengthining pipeline security should be investigated immediately.

This management doest not allow a separate security force within this BIL structure, in other words, BIL security management is only an administrative foundation to guide Turkish guarantee about security and pave the way for better solutions to question of security.

This line which aimed to carry natural gas originating from the natural gas basins of Russia, was initiated on kannu agreement that was signed between Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey on 15th Decemberwith a proposal of Gazprom promising a new pipeline that has a capacity kanuun annual bcm natural gas for 25 straight years.

In other words, security kahun BTC is provided by security posts, JGK and Police department witihin mutual coordination, excluding private security organizations. Security service procurement might be another option to meet pipeline security needs.

There have been attacks or attack attemps on Turkish pipelines since In other words, if Turkey cannot obtain means to secure its pipelines, the advantages depicted here may not mean any good for the sake of Turkey and other energy consuming countries.

In other words, main purpose of this exercise is to form a joint understanding of security among participating parties within BTC. In order to minimize vandalizm and theft incidents, enforcing dissuasive legal sancitons, increasing legal sentences, and pursuing the relavant cases are highly eminent.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. BTC which has a total length of km, stretches km. In order to eliminate this burden, one may suggest that a separate budget should be spared for pipeline security from the state annual budget.

Pipeline Security in Turkey. Transfer of energy kaunn its soil to the western markets is kxnun the advantages it might get in the coming years. Furthermore, Law permits the Security Coordination Council, under the City Governor, to maintain security by means of private corporations.


Kanun ve Yönetmelikler

Of those countries Russia has the longest pipeline routes. Although this fact proves current applications of pipeline security in Turkey, energy pipeline targets in the near future may nullify this inference, searhing for new ways to handle pipeline security system.

Law article 6 defines the execution of pipeline security as: In our modern age, physical protection of pipeline security should not be always done by the manpower.

Its construction is expected to be completed by with 31 bcm of natural gas annual tarnsfer. To illustrate these incident in figures, cost of thefts was 6 million and 58 thousand dollars, and cost of savotages was 4 million and dollars.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

Yet, new ways of maintaining pipeline security is being investigated in Russia. Within this framework, a solid institutional security structre should be established in the very near future.

In other words, these posts are no different from the other security posts established in the other areas of Turkey by JGK, being the concept of operation is the same.

In rhe US mostly civilian corporations provide security to the pipelines. When regarding pipelines in Turkey with the future projects, a new concept of security should be formulated in order to enhance the security system. Within this context, recent developments in transfer of energy resources, regarding to formulation of pipeline routes, competetion in kanyn arena and achievement regional interests have made the issue a question of foreign policy and global or regional security.

Still there are some leaps on this technological kabun. Although these protocols serve proficient enough, with respect to enlarging local and international pipeline network in Turkey, a pmore institutioanl and professional structure should be introduced and exercised for the way of providing security for pipelines.

This will also halp Turkey to be a leader 51888 on pipeline security in the region.