Mentalism – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Mentalism – Murphy’s Magic Read more about packet, prediction, aloud, stack, adams and removes. I haven’t read the whole book, but theres a decent sized sample at http://www. ory= -Check it out!.

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Code de l’item Howard Adams has been around for a LONG time, and his specialty is self working and mathematical magic and mentalism effects. I have no idea how his mind can generate these kinds of effect with this much variety, but create he does.

The commercial mentalosm “Will the card match” is based mentaliam one of Howard’s principles. Look at any list of creators of easy to do, self-working card effects and Howard’s name will be high on the list.

Howard’s contributions can be seen in Simply Impromp2 by Aldo Colombini and Howard’s book Mathcasts Aspellonu is often quoted as a resource for this kind of material.

In this book, Howard has created 66 mfntalism working packet effects using 6 cards each. Each effect is explained in Howard’s straight forward, no-nonsense and to the point fashion and we have left them as he wrote them word for word. You can read a sample here.

I think often, people ignorantly poo poo self working magic because they don’t understand it. It is true that you will find NO sleight of hand, no finger flinging and no hard to do gaffs in this book. Many of these do not require the performer to touch the cards at all. Some could be done over the phone or through the MAIL. I know of several performers who have used this kind of magic over the phone with radio DJ’s heard by thousands and thousands of listeners!


The material in this book is great stuff for brainstorming and workshops. Sure you can do mentaoism As-Is, and with a little thought and personalization, you can take a solid effect and turn it into a publicity making miracle!

We select books for a variety of reasons. All of these reasons apply to this book, but there is another. Though I was vaguely familiar with Howard and some of his writings when he first contacted me, I have grown to look forward to our correspondences and occasional chats by phone. Howard and Dolores Adams are genuinely wonderful mentaalism people, and work together as a team very well.

Dolores transcribes most of Howard’s hand written notes, and helps to edit and proof read them. It is clear, but he does not waste words or ink. His descriptions are clean cut and straight forward, and Menta,ism really suggest you read his introduction before going forward as I think it sets the stage for how he thinks and writes very well.

Howard is also a perfectionist! He is and was adamant that mentaism not touch any of his words. Dolores’ proof reading was so thorough, that we didn’t have much we could add or change anyway! So, what you have here are 66 Plus a couple bonuses self-working mentalism effects using packets of 6 cards each.

You can mentaljsm forward to mentalism- 88 effects with 8 cards each down the road as well. Howard has left the presentations sketchy, because he intends this to be a spring board for mentaalism own creativity and ideas.


,entalism – Softcover Perfectbound. Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation. Encyclopedie des Tours de Cartes Espiegleries – Pit Hartling. Ex Nihilo – Angelo Stagnaro. ExTroydinaire – Troy Hooser. Fabula Hermetika – Christian Fleur de Coin Par Richard Kaufman. Fondations – L’art de la Gold Fingers – Christian Scherer. Illumination – Christian Painter. Illusions – Guillaume Botta.

Influences Mentales Sean Taylor.

Mentalism by Howard Adams – Book

Jeu Avec le Subconscient. L’art du fil invisible L’Art du Ventriloque L’Expert aux Cartes – S. L’ombre d’un doute La magie Collection Curieux de Mentalisj Magie – Yannick Lacroix. La Magie de Joshua Jay. Ce produit n’est plus en stock. Donnez votre avis Mentalism by Howard Adams. Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation Plus d’infos. Espiegleries – Pit Hartling Plus d’infos.

Ex Nihilo – Angelo Stagnaro Plus d’infos. ExTroydinaire – Troy Hooser Plus d’infos. Gold Fingers – Christian Scherer Plus d’infos. Illumination – Christian Painter Plus d’infos. Illusions – Guillaume Botta Plus d’infos. Imagik Tome 1 Plus d’infos. Imagik Tome 2 Plus d’infos.

666 Mentalism by Howard Adams

Imagik Tome 3 Plus d’infos. Imagik Tome 4 Plus d’infos. Influences Mentales Sean Taylor Plus d’infos. Jeu Avec le Subconscient Plus d’infos.

La Magie – Yannick Lacroix Plus d’infos. La Magie de Joshua Jay Plus d’infos.