This paper compares the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Axiomatic Design (AD). Both AD and TRIZ are briefly reviewed and their possible . Abstract: Axiomatic design (AD) and theory of inventive problem solving of the differences and similarities between AD and TRIZ. 2 Review of AD and TRIZ. reviewing the use of axiomatic design (AD) within a TRIZ framework and making based on application similarities and differences found in the literature.

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Functional decoupling may be achieved without physical separation.

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When the design matrix is triangular, the independence of FRs can guarantee if the DPs are changed in a proper sequence, and this design is a decoupled design.

However, in many cases, such physical decomposition may be the best way of solving the coupling problem. Two basic principles, Independence Axiom and Information Axiom, are derived from the generation of good design practices.

Seventy-six Standard Solutions were developed for solving standard problems based on the Patterns of Evolution of Technological Systems. Contradiction Analysis is a powerful tool of looking problem with the new perspective.

To use these tools, one identifies based on the model obtained in Su-field analysis the class of a particular problem and then chooses a set of Standard Solution aand. Corollary 2 Minimization of FRs Minimize the number of functional requirements and constraints. ARIZ is a step-by-step methodwhereby, given an unclear commparison problem, the inherent contradictions are revealed, formulated and resolved.

Corollary 3 states that the number of physical components should be reduced through integration of parts without coupling functional requirements.


It is self-evident that symmetrical parts are easier to manufacture and easier to orient in assembly.

A physical contradiction might be solved by separation principles. Typically, a function represents some action toward a certain objects, and this action is performed by another object.

Figure 3 is a graphic interpretation of the general mapping process between functional and physical domains, and between physical and process domains. The two axioms can be stated as follows: Accordingly, TRIZ methodology includes the analytical tools for problem analysis, the knowledge base tools for system changing and their theoretical foundations. In TRIZ standpoint, a technological problem becomes an invention one when a contradiction is overcome.

A desirable solution corresponds to the region of overlap between the design range and the system range shown in figure 2 for uniform probability function.

On wxiomatic other hand, if the tolerance is too large, then the error in assembly may accumulate such that FR cannot be satisfied.

A Comparison of Triz and Axiomatic Design

Overcoming contradiction means the removal of functional coupling in AD. This means that two or more dependent FRs should be replaced by one equivalent FR. The second axiom is the information axiom and it establishes information content as a relative measure for evaluating and comparing alternative solutions that satisfy the independence axiom. These patterns and other TRIZ comparisson are revealed by analysis of hundreds and thousands of inventions available in the world patent database.

A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic DesignThe Triz Journal

In TRIZ standpoint, a challenging problem can be expressed as either a technical contradiction or a physical contradiction. In the product design, the creation or synthesis phase of design involves mapping the FRs in the functional domain to design parameters DPs in the physical domain.

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The main axiom of TRIZ is that the evolution of technological systems is governed by objective patterns. Contradiction analysis is the fundamental step to apply 40 inventive principles, one of the knowledge base tools.

A Comparison of Triz and Axiomatic Design – Semantic Scholar

During the axiommatic process, one should not violate the independence axiom described above. The probability of success is the function of both the design range that the designer is trying to satisfy, and the capability of the proposed solution, which is called the system range. There are two types of contradictions: A given set of FRs must be successfully mapped to a set of DPs in the physical domain prior to the decomposition of the FRs.

Invention Machine Lab 2. The most part of TRIZ tools were created by means of careful research of the world patent database mainly in Russian desgin, so they have been evolved independent and separate from many of the design strategies developed outside Russia.

The knowledge base tools are different from analytical tools in that they suggest the ways for transforming the system in the process of problem solving while analytical tools help change the problem statement [7].

Use standardization or interchangeable parts if the use of these parts is consistent with FRs and constraints. In equation 1 and 2[A] and [B] are called design matrix. However, TRIZ abstracts the design problem as either the contradiction, or the Su-field model, or the required function realization.