Every year, Rehana held a party at Road 5 to mark the day she had returned to Dhaka with the children. She saved her meat rations and made. A Golden Age: A Novel [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rehana Haque, a young widow, blissfully prepares for the party . A Golden Age. Tahmima Anam [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Rehana awakes one morning, she might be forgiven.

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Sudden mood change due to hormonal imbalance? There is a moment when Rehana cannot make out her own feelings – ‘it could have been a smile, or it could have been a grimace,’ she thinks. A Pleasanton but frustrating read. We then went on to Kathmandu, where we came upon a human chain dredging a river looking for bodies, after a taahmima but rickety wooden bridge collapsed.

The story falters when it isn’t tagging along with the fantastical events of what actually happened.

A Golden Age – Wikipedia

This book is beginning as a sweet, sad story of a widowed mother who lost and recovered her children, but clearly it’s about to descend into some real horrors. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat I was stuck between a 3 star and a 5 star and I decided on the former.

Sohail was her first-born, and so tender, and Maya was so hard, all sympathy worked out of her ana the throaty tahmma of the street march, goldden pitch of the slogan. Retrieved from ” https: From the moment Sohail steps out of his home to become a guerrilla in Liberation Army to Maya’s breakdown when she hears about her best friend Sharmeen being raped and killed by Pakistani Army, A Golden Age will leave you wanting for more. The Bangladesh War of Independence, or simply the Liberation War in Bangladesh, was a revolution and armed conflict sparked by the rise of the Bengali nationalist and self-determination movement in East Pakistan and the Bangladesh genocide.


I now understand why the Bengali people did not want to be ruled and exploited by the government of West Pakistan, 1, miles away. But no one can foresee what will happen in the days and months that follow.

For that, I am grateful. While this is a beautiful setup, and there are some very striking scenes, it is sadly not because of the book that they are striking, it is simply history.

Sometimes Aref or Joy or the Doctor used to come there. But after having interviewed more than a hundred survivors of the Bangladesh War for Independence, I realised it was the very small details that always stayed in my mind- the guerilla fighters who exchanged shirts before they yolden into battle, the women who sewed their best silk saris into blankets for the reugees.

You will tah,ima the characters, especially Rehana and her bold choices, which are really unlikely for a mother who is living in a war-torn country with her children. At the morning it is foggy, at noon sun is blazing! A Golden Age 67 53 May 14, Pages to import images to Wikidata. As it is though, it is a book rife with big names, and big events and big, lofty ideals that can’t ever be bothered with the dirt and strife that are real lives.

The central theme here Rather than depicting the events of Bangladesh independence, i. Rehana took care of major and provided breakfast, lunch and dinner to him. She will do and sacrifice anything for their happiness. And delay after delay, a day comes when Mujib is deported to another country so that West Pakistan military can take over Bangladesh and start the ethnic cleansing, also known as the Operation Searchlight.


A Golden Age is a stunning debut. Rehana and her children, Sohail w Maya get trapped tahmimaa the war. And as she struggles to keep her family safe, Rehana will be forced to face a heartbreaking dilemma. In her fierce love and desperate need to keep them safe, she is willing to consider some unholy alliances and has to make difficult choices. The abundance of good food during the war.

A soldier is forced to become a barbarian and then he has no other option but to perform unspeakable courses. Yes, the narrator is not Bangladeshi, so maybe her mannerisms could be different.

And ne’er the twain shall meet

By the end, even though the characters may not have been full fleshed out, Anam kicks you in the gut with a split-second choice Haque must make.

This theme is reflected in the book.

Tahmima Anam’s ‘Golden Age ‘ “. I love reading about food, and this novel was very satisfying on that score, with every meal at least briefly described.

At nineteen and seventeen, they were almost grown up. I can find faults in every pages and put exclamation marks every alternate lines. She fell in love and bargained her love for her son’s life. This is one great read. Both books have sentences that are not translated into English. Her gradual acceptance of this reconciles the emotional tension of the novel. Truly a pleasure to read. Now, ten anma later, she fears losing them again, this time to the war. Combine two books, please 3 10 Jan 12,