A Perfect Proposal – Katie Fforde. Sophie Apperly is young, attractive, practical, domestic & totally unappreciated by her academic family. Following on from the recent Katie Fforde thead, I have just finished reading my free copy of her new book ‘A Perfect Proposal’. (Thanks Charlotte!). Fforde’s latest is a rambling, bighearted novel in which a young Londoner becomes entangled with a wealthy American family.

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Adventures in reading, writing and working from home. On the other hand, the overly-indulgent length leaves you in a bit of a diabetic coma.

Book review: A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

I found Luke terribly spineless and weak, which is a real surprise. But New York being all wrong really got to me. New beginning at new address. Also on my book blog http: Fiercely academic, they see her more practical skills as frivolous whilst constantly taking advantage of her. Our Quiet Life In Suffolk. We feel for her because her family takes her for granted and think her a little daft, and who amongst us can’t relate to that? She gives the dishrag a name “Sophie” and anthropomorphizes it to some extent–it didn’t do that well in school, we’re told, but it is charming and pretty–but these facts should not be allowed to obscure the essential radicalism of Fforde’s choice.

Then Luke ends up in London, and the inevitable romance begins. Top Books of Luke is a wonderful hero — imperfect, of course, and prone to negativity, but that just makes him real and makes the ending all the better.


Write a customer review. Aug 14, Doreen Dooley rated it really liked it.

I kept hoping that these two wily old characters might meet up but perhaps that might happen in a pergect To ask other readers questions about A Perfect Proposalplease sign up.

I prefer reading: A Perfect Proposal – Katie Fforde

I’ve driven that distance Maybe it’s just my current mood? She even helps him out, playing propposal pretend fiancee to keep the single, money grubbing ladies away from him. In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel. I have read most of Katie Fforde’s books and each and every fforce has proved to be enjoyable and entertaining. This is normally a deal-breaker for me and can drop an otherwise outstanding book to two, or even one, star.

I have recently found myself reading many of Katie Fforde books. Just little things an editor should have picked up on Te zoet voor woorden. The plot points are actually painful to discuss since they border on the ludicrous. But first she must kaite after Evil Uncle Eric while his housekeeper is perfecr her family insists—Uncle Eric is loaded, and they are hoping for an inheritanceand then she is off to New York to temporarily nanny for a local family.

So when her best friend Milly invites percect over to New York, she jumps at the chance. But, I can’t believe that Ali would let someone like her get away with it. Sophie is a comfo I made the mistake of starting this last night and then pushing on the “just one more chapter” button one too many times and finishing the whole thing in one long perrfect.


She claims this keeps her fit.

Nov 12, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: The characters are likeable and believeable — especially Sophie, with whom you empathise, and Matilda, who is just the q of feisty, fun new friend any woman would be happy w have. I loved Lucy Maud Mont He even tells her why he’s concern. When Luke arrives in England a few weeks later, Sophie hardly expects him to seek her out.

Overall I thoroughly recommend A Perfect Proposal.

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

A Misty Lakeside Walk. Rich Boy has no depth outside of the usual cliches. Through a series of circumstances that take forever to happen and are more telling than showing, Sophie finds herself in New York. In this delicious romantic comedy, a young Englishwoman gets an unexpected proposal from a dashing Perfecy, but it’s not what you think.