AAMA Sets High Standards for Coated Aluminum Extrusions and Panels. Strict criteria result in better performance. May [ Page 5 of 8 ]. AAMA The Highest Standard in the Industry. In accordance with standards, aluminum extrusions or panels must undergo a surface preparation for a. AAMA is a Voluntary Specification, Perormance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels.

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This test is conducted in three categories:. Member discount will be reflected after successful login to the Checkout process. It also will provide good hardness and abrasion resistance.


This finish will provide good color and gloss retention. Both involve test methods and criteria not required under Subscribe to Architectural Record.

Tape is applied over the deformed area and sharply removed at a right angle to the panel. For best results, before the finish is applied, aluminum cladding goes through a five-step pre-treatment process to ensure the sama adheres smoothly. An application for this finish would include monumental architectural projects and projects that require long-lasting aluminum surfaces.

In this version, an appendix was added describing differences in test procedures and performance requirements for AAMA for superior performing organic coatings, applied on a coil coating line, to aluminum architectural products. AAMA applies to polyester and acrylic coating and is intended primarily for interior, light commercial and residential-grade coatings of at least 20 microns 0. The American Architectural Aamx Association AAMA is a source of finish performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the window, door, and skylight industry.

Please read our simple purchasing instructions first to ensure a smooth transaction. The sample panel should then be removed and wiped dry, after which the film adhesion test is repeated. The standards also give buyers an added measure of quality assurance and serve aama a reference point for regulators. AAMA is the high-performance exterior specification.


In order to ensure the paint performance expected for a given application, one of three AAMA specifications should be referenced: Gloss can also be affected by environmental factors such as weathering or surface abrasion.

This zama is conducted in three categories: Coatings with 70 percent PVFD on aluminum substrate show minimal chalking and fading at 5, 10 and even 20 years of exposure.

The water remains boiling for the full minute test period. This tests whether the coating will rupture after impact.

A tester pushes a pencil with F medium hardness held at a degree angle into the film and tries to rupture it.

AAMA is the highest industry standard available, ensuring ten-year color retention and chalk resistance. A one-year South Florida weathering test is optional.

Sand is filtered through a funnel until it wears through the top coat. This is a process that treats the metal surface chemically when the metal is xama in or sprayed with various solutions.

An aana for this paint would be storefront, doors, or other high-traffic areas. The sample is removed and wiped dry and the adhesion test is repeated. Subscribe to Architectural Record. Random samples are checked usually under a uniform light source from various angles and by instrumental methods. During manufacturing, a chemical bond is created between the extruded aluminum and the paint to resist chalking and fading.

The most recent AAMA standards reflect good, better, and best performance for extruded aluminum clad windows:. CAD detail project gallery. The finish provides good protection and adhesion; it is typically used as a base for another, final finish. CAD detail project gallery. Specular gloss can be inherent in the material, or the result of the molding process or surface texture.


As important as the paint color, architects, specifiers and building owners must determine which performance specification is required. Adherence to these standards enables architects to make reliable projections about product performance. This tests the number of years a product is likely to resist wearing off. The same ASTM test methods and performance criteria are used to evaluate color uniformity and specular gloss, which is a measure of the light reflected by the surface of 265 material.

AAMA Pubstore Product Listings –

Search by product code or category or leave the product code field blank to see a list of all AAMA publications. The sample panel is immersed in boiling water for 20 minutes. The purpose of these standards is to help architects, contractors, and building owners specify factory-applied organic coatings that will provide and maintain a superior level of performance in terms of coating integrity, exterior weatherability, and general appearance over many years.

The amount of sand falling onto the test sample without wearing through the surface must be within calculated parameters.

In the case ofthe AAMA Finishes Committee last refined the document in to support the latest industry knowledge. Gloss consistency is axma from one unit to another.

Paint AAMA Specifications | Linetec

This is a test for susceptibility to damage that might be sustained during shipping or installation. A degree gloss meter measures newly finished aluminum for a gloss value. These finishes exhibit outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss and chemicals. Boiling Water Film Adhesion: Gloss is axma referenced against a standard.