The ACIA is illustrated in figure 3. I am using this ACIA because it is much easier to understand than newer serial interfaces. Once you understand how the . MC Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) F8DCh CPCI Serial Interface MC Control/Status Register (R/W). Computers transfer data in two ways. Parallel. Serial. Parallel data transfers often 8 or more lines are used to transfer data to a device that is only a few feet away.

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The latter mode results if the internal baud rate generator is. Output bits can be programmed as: The internal baud rate generator can be programmed tosame time one is being read by the processor. As each aciq bit is sampled, it is used to construct a new character. The RDRF bit is cleared either by reading the data in the receiver data register or by carrying out a software reset on the control aca.

ACIA chip – CPCWiki

All the actions necessary to serialize the data and append start, parity and stop bits are carried out automatically i. Figure 1 illustrates the basic serial data link between a computer and a CRT terminal.

If the data is arranged as 8- bit bytes with all possible values corresponding to valid data elements, it is difficult but not impossible to embed control characters e.

Whenever the data link connects a CRT terminal to a computer few problems arise, as the terminal is itself character- oriented. Once the DUART has been configured it can be used to transmit and receive characters exactly like the Table 2 shows how the eight bits of the control register are grouped into four logical fields.

The ACIA is a byte- oriented device and can be interfaced to either the ‘s lower- order byte or to its upper- order byte. Traditionally, the idle state is referred to as the mark level, which, by convention, corresponds to a logical one level.

  36331 3GPP PDF

Some systems employ more esoteric transmission paths such as fiber optics, or infra- red IR links. The purpose of this exercise is two- fold. A receiver clock must be provided at the RxCLK input pin by the systems designer.

Setting both CR6 and CR5 to a logical one simultaneously creates a special case. Consequently, connecting one serial link with another may be difficult because so many options are available.

I am using this ACIA because it is much easier to understand than newer serial interfaces. An overrun see later sets acka RDRF bit and generates an interrupt.

acia baud rate generator datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

A CRT terminal requires a two- way data link, because information from the keyboard is transmitted to the computer and information from the computer is transmitted to the screen.

It is so called because the transmitted data and the received data are not synchronized over any extended period and therefore no special means of synchronizing the clocks at the transmitter and receiver is necessary.

Table 7 demonstrates that it is possible to select independent baud rates for transmission and reception. When a transmitter or receiver interrupt is initiated, it is still necessary to examine the RDRF and TDRE bits of the status register to determine that the ACIA did indeed request the interrupt and to distinguish between transmitter and receiver requests for service.

6850 ACIA chip

After this has been done, a single parity bit is calculated by the transmitter and sent 68550 the data bits. If the BRR is. This page describes a serial interface used to transmit serial data between a computer and a modem or a printer. Consequently, the receiver overrun bit indicates that one or more characters in the data stream have been lost.

An asynchronous serial data link is character orientedbecause information aacia transmitted in the form of groups of bits called characters. Moreover, the DUART’s baud- rate generator can be programmed simply by loading an appropriate value into a aica select register. The eight possible data formats are given in table 2.


If no parity is selected, then both the ACIA’s transmitter parity generator and receiver parity checker are disabled.

Source file VHDL/ACIA_6850.vhd

The fundamental problem encountered by all serial data transmission systems is how to split the incoming data- stream into individual units i. The baud rate generator is bypassed when the device is used in the divide by 1 mode.

On top of this layer sits the application- level software, that uses the primitive operations executed by the lower- level software to carry out actions such as listing a file on the screen. The eight bits of the read- only status register are depicted in table 3 and serve to indicate the status of both the transmitter and receiver portions of the ACIA at any instant. The chip provides thethe circuit is illustrated in figure 1. We describe only the asynchronous data link because synchronous serial data links are best left to texts on networks.

The receiver data rate is either the programmed baud rate or under theinput or the receiver 16x clock output. The error is due to the CPU not having read a character, rather than by any fault in the transmission and reception process.

The framing error status bit is automatically cleared or set during the receiver data transfer time and is present throughout the time that the associated character is available.

The clocks operate at 1, 16, or 64 times the data rate. This situation may arise if the level i.