Acronal V ap is processed with fillers in usual mixers. Vacuum planetary mixers have proven suitable for producing sealants. In order to gain optimal filler . Acrylic/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion. Used in adhesives for laying PVC floor coverings and carpets with many different backings. Offers benefits such as hig. Description. An acrylic/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion; used as a base for industrial adhesive formulations used as base for packaging and laminating.

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Acronal® V 275 na

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Helloyou are logged in with access to additional information. Register here to get additional information like specific downloads. Please aacronal your registered Email ID to reset your password. We innovate to make your adhesives stick. With our dispersions, resins and additives as well as technical expertise, we support customers in developing environmentally friendly high performance adhesives.


accronal Our portfolio of acrylic emulsion polymers, styrene-butadiene rubber SBR emulsion polymers, and ultraviolet UV curable acrylic hot melt polymers can be used to produce high performance labels, tapes and graphic arts in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

BASF offers a breadth of Acronal products.

With our dispersions, resins and additives as well as technical expertise, we support customers in developing environmentally friendly, high performance adhesives. Choose acrronal language This site is available in the following languages: Visit our Global website. Helloyou are logged in with access to additional information BASF ecommerce platform.

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Nulla dignissim augue sed mauris pretium, aceonal volutpat ipsum suscipit. Label – Removable Dispersions for removable label applications. Tape – Permanent Dispersions for permanent table applications. Tape – Removable Dispersions for removable tape applications. Graphic Arts Acrylic dispersions for graphic arts film application.

Flexible Packaging Applications We innovate to make your adhesives stick.

Learn More about Flexible Packaging. Innovative solutions for adhesive raw materials Adhesives product selection guide.