Reese can’t remember anything from the time between the accident and the day she woke up almost a month later. She only knows one thing: She’s different. Malinda Lo’s newest book, Adaptation, is a step away from her usual fare: it’s a young adult science fiction novel set in the near future. As the. Joint Review: Adaptation by Malinda Lo. Posted on October 3, Title: Adaptation. Author: Malinda Lo. Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Young Adult.

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The adaotation flips over. I do not strictly look for a bigger message in books but there has to be a clear and apparent point to everything.

There’s still some stuff with all that to be resolved in the next book, obviously. Too bad because I actually might have read it had the plot held strong.

ADAPTATION by Malinda Lo | Kirkus Reviews

Mar 08, Tandie rated it liked it Shelves: All there was, was this. Everything feels and sounds so immediate, and so the reader is left to travel through the story along with Reese, totally blind and taking everything as it comes. I also really appreciated all of the little details about San Francisco, which is where the majority of this is set.

Since the book has yet to be released, I will refrain from any spoi I never set out with the intention to read science fiction, but as it happens, I read adaptatioon fair amount of it anyway. Also, bisexual love triangle! This is a young adult scifi novel that combines some familiar tropes with some new twists.



It’s so creepy, because no one knows about it and these people come back forever changed. David is just as bad, and their romantic interaction is bland city.

But if you’re interested in the book for the actual stuff written on the dust cover, then you might be frustrated when all of the action disappears through the middle of the book so that we can explore our main character’s adaptatioh.

This novel is unique; the premise unheard of in this genre. I adapattion to see more of this in YA in the future, teens in relationships where gender isn’t the main factor, where girls can fall in love with girls and boys can fall in love with boys.

I loved the science fiction element in the novel. What does Reese believe about herself? Reese gets swept up in the whole thing since it escalates rather quickly, but then has a moment where she realises she’s not ready. The writing of the book is probably my biggest mslinda of contention here: Speaking of Reese’s adsptation, that woman is amazing and I love her.

Email required Address never made public. The book starts out so action-heavy and then David, too, actually, malindx is why I have issues getting behind that pairing.

The beginning of the novel does definitely set off a creepy vibe, we have planes crashing after running into flocks of birds all over America and that is maintained quite well throughout. She brings a refreshing honesty to her genre, and even transcends the YA category. Her website is www.

There’s no slow build to a climax; it all feels completely thrown together. Perhaps it was my own teenage proclivity towards The X-Files that I felt a deep connection to the mythos of the story, but despite having had years of “experience” with a deep-rooted government conspiracy, I was malnda surprised by several elements of the story. All of this would be crazy enough, but during the summer, Reese also meets the beautiful Amber Gray.


Her first novel, Asha retelling of Cinderella with a lesbian twist, was a finalist for the William C.

Adaptation (Adaptation, #1) by Malinda Lo

When they’re returned to their families, she doesn’t feel like herself. This was a fun, quick YA sci-fi read!

Adaptation is unique, an engrossing tale of a girl lost after a near fatal accident and her life afterwards, a life that seems to involve government secrets and being watched constantly. Oct 30, Hallie rated it liked it.

Reese is in Arizona with her debate partner, and longtime crush, David when the flights adapttation stopped, trying to get home to San Francisco.

On the one hand, I love the idea of the book familiar that it isas it kinda reminds me not so much of The X-Files but of Roswell. I like the basic framework for the story as well as the overall storyarc, and felt the writing was engaging maalinda even-handed. Apr 20, Elaine rated it it was ok Shelves: I started off hooked and completely enthralled with the mystery surrounding the deadly flock of birds but by the time that’s over, this book llo completely flat-lined.