Adductor tendinopathy symptoms include groin pain and stiffness at the beginning of an activity or in the morning, Dr Peters provides this treatment in Claremont. Adductor tendinopathy describes a number of conditions that develop in and around the tendon in response to chronic overuse [1] At a histopathological level . Adductor Tendinopathy. It is estimated that between 10 and 18% of all injuries worldwide among male soccer players yearly involve groin pain (Engebretsen et .

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Sports involving rapid acceleration or deceleration Sports involving twisting and turning on the hips Sports involving kicking Lifting the leg tendinopatyh transferring out of the car or out of bed in severe cases. The nosographic picture and treatment criteria. It is a large and flat fan shaped muscle which forms part of the medial border of the femoral triangle. Adductor tendinitis and musculus rectus abdominis tendopathy. Exerc Sport Sci Rev.

In all rehabilitation phases, neuromuscular taping is useful to detension tendon insertions, promote muscle relaxation and protect muscle-tendon units tendinnopathy over-stretching 4243 Fig. Axial T2 fat suppressed teendinopathy at the level of the inferior body of the pubis at the attachment of the adductor longus tendons; Note the intense bright marrow signal within the body of the pubis bilaterally suggestive of focal intense marrow edema at the attachment of the adductor longus tendons arrow.

For example, patients with pelvic girdle pain feel groin pain during isometric hip adduction. Initially, the symptoms are unilateral and can occur well after sport performance; therefore it is progressive in nature and aggravated by physical activity, consequently limiting or stopping the performance. They suggest that the current treatment protocol of eccentric loading, used for stages 2 and 3, could be detrimental for a stage 1 tendinopathy.

Exercises should then be tailored to the athlete’s specific sport to avoid recurrence.


Adductor Tendinopathy – Physiopedia

Poor or altered movement patterns during physical activity may also overly stress the adductor tendons. There is the chance of symptom reversal in the early stages, but a degenerative tendon requires a programme of long term management to avoid rupture or the need to completely stop activity.

Adductor tendinopathy is a common but infrequently recognised cause of chronic groin pain especially in athletes. They are used when we cross our legs and help to addctor the pelvis in standing and walking.

Adductor tendinopathy

A warmup before activity can reduce symptoms, but they usually return later. Coronal T1 and coronal STIR in the plane of the body of the pubis, axial T1 and T2 fat saturation and sagittal gradient sequences were obtained.

Insertional tendinopathy of the adductors and rectus abdominis is a frequent cause of groin pain in athletes 4. Treatment for muscle strains generally includes rest, ice, and compression. Adductor Tendinopathy The adductors are a group of muscles on the inside of your thigh that help bring your legs together. Adductor Brevis sits under longus and extends from the inferior pubic ramus to the posterior aspect of the linea aspera. The diagnosis of adductor tendinopathy through clinical history and physical examination can be confirmed by MR imaging.

If not treated promptly and adequately, adductor tendinopathy may become chronic. Paratenonitis associated with intratendinous degeneration.

Physiotherapy is recommended for the treatment of adductor tendinopathy, where active therapy through an exercise programme is superior to a more passive treatment approach, although there is no gold standard for rehabilitation of the tendon.

Symmetry of posterior superior iliac spines and of the malleolus could be examined with the patient lying in supine position to assess the potential dysmetry of lower limbs. Chronic groin pain can develop from muscle strain, tendinosis, tendinitis, paratenonitis, enthesopathy or a combination of the aforementioned Table 1.

The main objective of acute phase is pain reduction. We will use your personal information to process your enquiry and contact you with relevant information. It is confirmed by MR imaging.


The Wasserman test should adeuctor done with the patient lying prone. The literature suggests 30 to 72 causes of groin pain, including acute lesions of muscles and tendons, sports hernia, compression neuropathy, bone disease, urogenital pathologies and lumbar radiculopathies Etiopathogenesis The aetiopathogenesis of insertional tendinopathy of the adductors and rectus abdominis is related to the functional overuse and repeated microtraumas caused by torsion and traction of abdominal and adductor tendon insertions 3tendinopatyh.

Groin pain injuries Exercise programme, phase 2 weeks Perform five sets of 10 reps of each of these exercises. Other diagnosis’ can be; sports or inguinal herniailiopsoaas bursitisstress fracture, avulsion fracture, nerve compressionsnapping hip syndrome or chronic prostatitis. Lumbar disc or facet joint abnormalities may result in radicular symptoms referred to the pelvis or groin.

Adductor related groin pain can be due to muscle strain, tendinosis, tendinitis, paratenonitis, enthesopathy or a combination of the aforementioned Table 1. An option is massage to maintain muscle length. MR image appearance and interpretation.

Adductor Muscle Rehab Exercises | Sydney Sports Medicine Centre – Education

Patients with symphysis pubis stress injury Commonly known as osteitis pubis. Proximal adductor longus tendon tear in high level athletes. Lift legs off the floor until hips are fully extended.

Reliability and validity of the active straight leg raise test in posterior pelvic pain since pregnancy. Regenerative injection of elite athletes with career-altering chronic groin pain who fail conservative treatment: J Can Chiropr Assoc. Efficacy of dextrose prolotherapy in elite male kicking-sport athletes with chronic groin pain. The abdominal tenidnopathy paravertebral muscles act synergistically to stabilize the symphysis pubis during movements, particularly during static or dynamic single leg stance 6.