Ruby Boot Camp Workshop. They will not necessarily attend your Ruby Boot Camp classes, but they will call in boot camp by introducing a minimum of 30 new prospects to the AdvoCare. Ruby Boot Camp is a 5-week training to help you learn what you need to know, in order to become a Ruby Leader in. AdvoCare. The average Ruby distributor.

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The Student Host is a distributor who you are connected to organizationally and who meets the minimum qualifications to rubyy a Student Host. Must be a Silver or above pin earner.

Must be enrolled for the next Success School. The Student Host will put the 6-week schedule and location in place and play the Ruby Boot Camp instructional videos to learn side-by-side with you. They will collect your weekly homework and any signed agreements that will then be passed on to your Accountability Coach described below.

Tonight: AdvoCare/Ingalliina Team Training Call (Live & Replay)

Must be a Ruby or above pin earner. Must have attended the last Success School as Leadership. Must be registered to attend the next Success School. Must be confirmed by your Ruby Boot Camp Overseer. Your Ruby Boot Camp Overseer is the Diamond or above leader that is most closely connected to you and your Student Host organizationally. Their main role is to provide mentorship to your Accountability Coach and conduct large group trainings and events as necessary in the organization. They may call in to your group once during your Ruby Boot Camp course to introduce themselves and provide wisdom and experience that will help you build a successful business.

Overseer Information Your Overseer Name: Ruby Boot Camp is specifically for those Distributors who are very serious about their commitment to build their business to a minimum of the Ruby level. The final attendee list will be decided by euby Student Host and Accountability Coach. Must be registered for the next national Success Bokt before boot cmap courses begin and agree to attend the upcoming Success School. Must agree to complete and turn in all homework and assignments on time as advocage by your Student Host.

Must agree to accumulate 30 points during the 6-week boot camp by introducing a minimum of 30 new prospects to the AdvoCare Success System. See the point guidelines below to understand the rules. We understand that you may experience unforeseen difficulties during the boot camp that may require you advocaer miss a class.

Protected: Ruby Boot Camp

If you miss 1 week of classes, your Student Host will evaluate your continued participation for the remainder of the boot camp. The Success System is the centerpiece of your business. The Success System includes a variety of settings where you introduce a person to AdvoCare using 3rd party credibility.

boog Third party credibility is when you ask one of your leaders to share their story and message with your prospect. At times, your Distributors will be calling on you to share your story and AdvoCare message with their prospects.

In this scenario, you are the leader and bring 3rd party credibility. Your friend Mary attends a Mixer 1 point then Mary brings 3 friends to your next Mixer where you are the 3rd party credibility 3 more points. If you have recruited a Distributor prior to this boot camp who has been inactive or has never been a star leg you may accumulate points from the new prospects associated within this leg when you use the Success System.


They can be at any level in AdvoCare i. A married couple counts as one point even if they attend the Success System at two separate times. The reason for this is because they would enroll as one Distributorship. If you have Distributors from your organization who are also participating in the boot camp, you may NOT count their points as your own. Your points are recorded weekly on a point board that will be displayed each class.

You are responsible for recording your own points for the prior week at the beginning of each class. If you neglect to record your points each week, your Student Host will record a zero for that week. You will begin recording your points at the beginning of your second class.

Your Student Host may decide to reward the one wdvocare camp participant with the most points over Certificate of Participation vs. Certificate of Participation is given to those who attend all of advocard classes and Success School, complete the worksheets and homework assignments on time.

Graduation is awarded to those who attend all of the classes and Success School, complete the worksheets and homework on time, accumulate a minimum of 30 points, and enroll a minimum of 3 new frontline Distributors within the 6-week time frame.

I agree to not record, video tape or replicate in any way, any of the RBC material including but not limited to printed materials, live teaching or streaming video that will or may be provided or presented.

I understand that AdvoCare may suspend or terminate my Distributorship Agreement canp violating these terms. Signature X I have read this sheet in its entirety and understand all rules and expectations boot graduation.

I am committing to not only participate but graduate Ruby Boot Camp with the ultimate goal being to build a Ruby organization. Minimum of 30 Track your points by recording the date of when a person enters the Success System.

Continue to record their progress from prospect to advisor during the boot camp by checking the appropriate box. Today, I choose to quit allowing other people to control my thoughts.

AdvoCare: How to Reach Silver Leadership & Join the Leads Program

I refuse to be affected by negative people. Therefore, I will choose to spend my free time with positive people. Today, I choose to stop blaming others for my problems. I will never use other people vamp an excuse as to why I cannot be successful. I will stop giving my problems to other people to solve. Today, I choose to quit being victimized by the media boott other propaganda. It only matters what I know and in whom I already trust. Today, I choose to control my own destiny.

Nobody else pays my bills or has the responsibility to care for myself or my family. Therefore, I take responsibility for my own future. Today, I choose to xamp away fear completely. Therefore, there is no room for fear in my life. Today, I choose to stop complaining. I even choose to stop complaining about those who complain.

If I complain, I remain. Therefore, I choose to be grateful in my conversations, but most importantly, in my thoughts. Today, I choose to take the words frustrated and can t out of my vocabulary.


Both of those words reveal a false perception that I am powerless. I choose to shift my energy away from those things I cannot change and toward people and situations that I can change. Today, I choose to be patient with people and treat them with honor and love.

I choose this for all people around me, including myself, regardless of their past or my past or even how they treat me. I choose to see the good and success in myself and in others without evidence of deserving it. Today, I choose to forgive all those who have hurt me in the past and all those who will disappoint me in the future. I even forgive those who deny hurting me or do not know they ve hurt me. I understand that offense is an enemy to my destiny and will steal my success and peace.

I have a forgiving and humble heart. I refuse to gossip or vent to other people. Today, I choose to be decisive about my future and act upon that decision daily. I have made up my mind about what I want for my life, and I refuse to be passive about my future. I am a person of action. The centerpiece of my action is serving others. My highest call as a leader is to serve others. Did you finish all of the assignments given by your Accountability Coach this week via text, written, etc?

List the Four Stages of a Dream and what a person s thought process might sound like during that stage: What is a past experience you can recall going through all 4 stages until you reached the final stage?

Was it worth it? Pause and think about this AdvoCare aside let s imagine that this income is being deposited into your bank account each month. Recall the day you have had today Would it be exactly the same? What would change about your life on a damp basis?

Now, let s jump ahead in time 20 years from now. How old will you be? Imagine that you are still receiving the same boor deposits into your bank account.

What is your emotional state of mind as you think about this? Now, let s boit back in time to and imagine for a moment that Charlie Ragus, after retiring from a successful business, began the first stages of starting a new company. He had a dream to build a nutrition company that would be known for the world s finest nutrition and leadership development. However, he doesn t anticipate some of the financial hurdles and emotional challenges that hit him from the beginning.

Being a millionaire already, the adversity was too big in the face of the reality that he was already wealthy and it would require time from things he loved to do. Why risk his financial advocaree to start a company from advocae After all, he had made a success out of his life so far. It was just an unfulfilled dream in his heart that made him even consider it.

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