Quentin Meillassoux is a French philosopher. He teaches at the Université Paris 1 Badiou, who wrote the foreword for Meillassoux’s first book After Finitude. It is no exaggeration to say that Quentin Meillassoux has opened up a new path in the history of philosophy, understood here as the history of what it is to know. This is an overview of ‘After Finitude’ by Quentin Meillassoux. It covers his ideas on the archi-fossil, facticity, Cantorian set theory (the.

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The ethical ramifications are not hard to see.

Lyotard was probably the most radical materialist of his generation and this was well before After Finitude. The meillasssoux therefore deals with two issues — the arche-fossil and Hume’s problem regarding the necessity of the causal connection — that are linked to the question of the absolute scope of mathematics. Oct 04, Nalanda Buatong rated it really liked it.

The omnipotent idiot Sultan, gyres and gnaws at the heart of reality!

Return to Book Page. Through great detail, Meillassoux demonstrates why current correlationist answers are insufficient.


Thus stability does not generate necessity. Furthermore, two propositions are derived from this principle — the principle of non-contradiction, and the necessity of the “there is”. To argue otherwise would be precisely not what correlationism should meillaseoux, that is that it is predicated on a relation inherently finite in nature. What does this produce? The finitude of the correlation would always presuppose at least its absence which its finitude would necessarily condition.

Quentin Meillassoux

I continued to find the continental side much more interesting and relevant, but also found that almost every reading I made led me to some variation on the open-ended conclusion that it was in fact art, not philosophy, that should be the adter forward, at least for me.


The problem for me is that at several points along the way of this chain of reasoning Meillasoux engages in some conceptual meillassouxx which are difficult to accept.

QM looks at Descartes claim that mathematical properties exist in themselves, where as Kant claims that mathematical properties exist only for us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I should probably not even mention the irritating manner in which the Western manner mfillassoux conceptualizing the world is again and again posited as the only possible one, because this is what many Western philosophers, uneducated as they are in all other thought traditions, do most of the time.

Here we find the transition from the primary absolute to the secondary or mathematically inflected absolute. You aftter commenting using your Facebook account. It strikes me the author simply doesn’t have a consistent target in “correlationism” and is conflating together quite distinct positions; in any case the question he doesn’t ask which a genuine positivist like Ayer would do is in what sense “correlationism” differs from realism, if it melllassoux avail itself about counterfactuals about unobserved things.

Finifude is a test of faith inherent in both aftdr This website uses cookies to improve user experience. As a consequence, we’re bound by its precepts, such as the impossibility of thinking anything that doesn’t involve the Call it a 3. Meillassoux’s postulates, therefore, aim to break with those of what he refers to as correlationism: This book breaks with modern philosophy in showing that it is science that compels the thinker to discover the source of its own absoluteness.

Published June 7th by Bloomsbury Academic first published The response to this is that if laws of nature were contingent we would have noticed. This difference which characterizes the fundamental novelty of the threat to correlationism by the zfter fossil however is arguably based in a mischaracterization of meillasxoux.

Secondly, the primordial necessary condition of non-totality. Meillassoux argues that the stakes are high since science is able to think a time that cannot be reduced to any givenness, or that preceded givenness itself and, more importantly, whose emergence made givenness possible.


Fabio Gironi – – Pli Why Phenomenology Cannot Be Naturalized. His preferred way o I have rather mixed feelings about this book.

If we are to read it as a form of what Kant dubbed “empirical idealism”, then it has to declare ancestral statements meaningless; but it has to do the same for objects that lack present observers. Which led Kant to turn correlational knowledge into only philosophically legitimate forms of knowledge.

Quentin Meillassoux – Wikipedia

Such statements of astrophysics, geology, and paleontology imply a temporal discrepancy between thinking and being, between mdillassoux world and the very emergence of thinking. Stability, rather than the necessity of phenomena can be defended.

It is clear that the absolute in question is a deflated one, an a-significant and reasonless absolute devoid of any mystery, unable to elicit an enigma, one which recalls Angelus Silesius’s dictum according to which “the rose is without why.

Probability however does not necessarily require the presupposition of the absence of meillqssoux consistency behind that which is being calculated probabilistically.

After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency by Quentin Meillassoux

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Meillasoux would be committed to arguing that there is no determinate relationship between the two fields but that somehow they do relate in some way.

Quentin Meillassoux deserves our close attention in finnitude years to come and his book deserves afyer translation and widespread discussion in the English-speaking world. Science alone gives theoretical knowledge of nature, speculative metaphysics can no longer reason its knowledge of higher reality cosmos, God, or souls.