AFVA 91-307 PDF

Post AFVA , Air Force OSH Program Visual Aid, conspicuously so personnel have reasonable access to it. Ensure that. Document AFOSH training on AF Form 55, Employee Safety and Health Record. Post AFVA , Air Force Occupational Safety and. AFVA with Points of Contact. Safety Bulletin Board or Shop Safety Book. AF Form Example. Shop Safety Book. Material Safety Data Sheets for.

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Where no cage, well or ladder safety device is provided, landing platforms shall be provided for each 20 feet of height or fraction thereof. High wattage appliances such as heat-producing appliances, refrigerators of all types, coffee makers, etc.

Are eyewash bottles being used appropriately? Does this unit use hearing protection? If you do not have a PDF reader installed, you will have to download and install it.

Are chemical inventories available? A flash hazard analysis FHA shall be performed for all Air Force operations exposing personnel to energized parts greater than 50 volts. Scan this QR code to use this paper checklist on your smartphone or tablet. Equipment shall be available and properly maintained operational. Are workers well trained and familiar with the operation of the tool and the characteristics of the materials involved before being permitted to operate powder-actuated tools?

Does the area have confined spaces? Provide a copy of the list of all confined spaces, permit-required and non-permit, to the installation CSPT and Environmental Management office.


Afva 125 17

Are PPE inspections performed? Supervisors shall ensure equipment weight and distribution comply with maximum floor loading capacity for all above grade storage areas including areas above basements. Still haven’t found the checklists you were looking for? Managers and supervisors at all levels shall ensure a visual inspection of fire extinguishers are performed at a minimum of day intervals and documented for all fire extinguishers under their control.

Guards for Floor and Wall Openings. Ensure all personnel assigned duties and responsibilities that support permit-required confined space program tasks are properly trained, equipped and qualified. Our online library contains also an own e-reader image and text extractionso you do not necessarily have to download books in pdf format immediately. Does this unit contain commercial food service equipment? Scan this QR code to use this paper checklist on your smartphone or tablet.

th AW Annual Safety Assessment Checklist – SafetyCulture

Keep areas where personnel walk and work free of potential tripping and slipping hazards such as tools, electrical cords, air lines and packaging materials. Consult PH for training materials. A minimum of 18 inches shall be provided for passageways formed by or between movable obstructions.

Cords shall not be kinked, stretched or bent excessively to prevent internal wire damage. Circuit breakers, disconnect switches and fuses shall be readily accessible to workers and building management personnel. Supervisors of these operations shall contact the installation Ground Safety office, Fire Emergency Services FES Flight and BE for assistance in determining safe work practices and protective equipment needs.


Is leadership actively involved in safety?

AFI Attachment 4 Compliant. Does the section have a list of approved trainers on file? USRs shall advise the commander on safety related matters at least on a quarterly basis or more frequently as necessary and document 91–307 elements briefed.

Afva 17, Afva 31 Advisement Of Rights. Has the supervisor assessed all PPE needs for the work area? Mishaps over past 12 months. Inspection of Safety Equipment. Are all chemicals label in accordance with the GHS system?

Are training programs available and do they meet the requirements in 29 CFR A formal, fully documented inspection of all fixed ladders shall be accomplished upon installation and at least every three 3 years thereafter. Are office ergonomics considered when attempting to fit the job to the person? Fire exits shall be clearly marked and exit paths shall be kept clear of equipment and materials, emergency lighting shall be provided and all workers trained in proper evacuation procedures.

AFI para Soft metal wheels shall be used to grind soft metals only. Are AFTO form ‘s kept on file for one year? Are training outline reviewed annually?