a false case infamously known as the Agartala Conspiracy Case was filed and 35 Bangalee civil and military officers were accused of treason and conspiracy. February Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case. Syed Badrul Ahsan celebrates the anniversary of the withdrawal of the notorious case. FORTY years after June , the Agartala Conspiracy Case instituted by the government of Pakistan against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur.

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Retrieved 2 September Moreover, following the war there were meetings between Awami League leaders and representatives of the Indian Government at a number of secret locations.

February The Agartala Conspiracy Case – Liberation War

Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case. The Agartala Case was a testing ground for Pakistan. The regime clearly banked on the assumption that the presence of the two Bengalis on the tribunal would agarta,a credence to the case against Mujib and his fellow accused.

Hannan Abu Sayeed Chowdhury. The hearings took place inside a secured chamber within the Dhaka Cantonment. They were accused of involvement in a conspiracy to secede the East aartala from Pakistan with the help of the government of India.

Mujib himself rejected anything less than freedom for himself and his co-accused, and a full withdrawal of the Agartala Conspiracy Case.

This popular hostility forced Aub Khan to withdraw the case and convene a Round Table Conference which Sheikh Mujib triumphantly attended but walked out of when his Six-Point demands were ignored. The government of President Ayub Khan capitulated the next day, February But the British lawyer’s stay in Dhaka was not to be a comfortable one for him.


Since the inception of Pakistan, the people of East Pakistan were deprived of their legitimate rights in all spheres. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Indeed, the first real stirrings of discontent in Pakistan’s eastern province, insofar as the Ayub regime was concerned, had been observed a month earlier through the killing of a young student, Asaduzzaman, on January Main page Random page Contact. Buoyed by rumours of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s imminent release, huge crowds of Bengalis milled before the gates to the Dhaka cantonment on February 21, the anniversary of the Language Movement of By the time January gave way to February, the options before the government had clearly become limited.

‘Agartala conspiracy case was not false’

Our window on the world — Rafiq Hasan. The penal codes were amended to benefit the prosecution of the accused, and the trial began agartxla 19 June under a special tribunal.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was enrolled as accused No. Retrieved from ” http: The homes of Information and Broadcasting Minister Khwaja Shahabuddin, already notorious as the man behind the decree banning Tagore from the state media, and a provincial minister, Sultan Ahmed, came under assault. There was little question that he had emerged from the ordeal of the Agartala Case as the authentic spokesman of Bengal in what would be the rapidly declining state of Pakistan.


The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures.

Agartala Conspiracy Case accused Syedur dies

The decade of his autocratic rule came to an end. Two killed in separate incidents in Cumilla, Sunamganj. Significantly, a number of DAC politicians, too, cade the parole idea, arguing that the issue of dropping of the Agartala Case and an unconditional freeing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could be thrashed out at the RTC in Rawalpindi.

Response to the Cyclone. Girl dies as her scarf gets entangled with human-hauler wheel.

Bangladesh Liberation War portal. Revisiting the Agartala Conspiracy Case”. Bangladesh to play Malaysia Friday. Significantly, a number of DAC politicians, too, defended the parole idea, arguing that the issue of dropping of the Agartala Case and an unconditional freeing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could be thrashed out at the RTC in Rawalpindi. The news of his death led a furious mob to set fire to the State Guest House as well as other buildings.