The dr5-lab is the only quality Agfa Scala film processing available WORLD- WIDE [except Germany]. ABOUT SCALA: Scala is a very sharp for a iso film. Agfa Scala x – A medium speed, black and white film. Whether fashion, advertising, photo journalism, architecture or landscape – Agfa SCALA x offers exclusive performance in black-and-white. It supplies an.

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Photography: Winch – Agfa Scala 200X (35mm)

Feb 22, 7. The only black-and-white reversal film in the world Extremely fine grain, superb sharpness, exceptional brilliance light colors Finely modulated grayscale, full-bodied dark colors. My only experience with Foma is with 2 rolls one I exposed at the suggested iso and they had the appearance of being under xgfa.

The S is standing for S ynthetic, made on Clear Polyester layer. Because, strangely, I have in front of me a 5 pack of Agfa Scala X, produced, apparently, by AgfaPhoto, in Leverkussen, Germany, and with a quite healthy expiry date of October Does anyone has more experience with the film, especially how to get a finer grain from it?

Best shot in harsh contrast light. I’ll attach a sample for you to see. They nor Agfa Photo list any processing services for the Agfa films but Lupus might shed some light on where to get Scala processed in Europe. Same for the Retro 80 S Aviphot 80 E1. It is nominally rated at ISObut can be used up to with no problem although apparently not if it is expired.


Glad I stocked up! DR5 Chrome in Colorado develops it. It is available in 35mm only and in their cine film cardtriges. Uh John thanks but this link is not really usefull to me You must log in or sign up to reply here.

There is absolutely nothing special about Agfa Scalaa, they are completely worthless. Of course, these are reduced down to pixels wide.

Please send them all to me for proper disposal: Now, the NEW question is It supplies an ideal wcala for scapa publishing process; ideal quality control without the need for negatives and prints.

Both are now gone. Feb 21, 3. Twenty one, afga be precise. I discovered this to my cost after about 15 time consuming HDR scans. Photoblogography RSS Feed snowhenge on flickr snowhenge on twitter.

By continuing to sfala this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Feb 21, 4. E-6 works on the same principle, except that the colors are reversed.

As far as I know the emulsion is the same as APX, the different exposure index being because of the reversal processing. Agfa Scala offers exclusive performance in black-and-white. Recent Work Widescreen Narrowscreen. Adox just reintroduced the Scala in both and Super8.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! I hope ADOX silvermax comes out in at some point It won’t because it is a one qgfa action from Impex for the last rest materials available in Agfa Gevaert Mortsel Belgium to produce. You can also use a agca toner like Kodak T-8 as a fogging developer. Whole new perspectives open up to professional photographers with the Agfa Scala I am looking forward to get into a darkroom and develop a film by myself as soon as possible!


Agfa Scala x – Development, Where to Buy, and Photos ???? I shoot film.

Feb 23, Thank you John Just what i thought would happen You don’t need much home brewing experience for running the process, but you better had a cheap supply of Rodinal by the gallon. Your name or email address: I have one roll of 35mm left, but lots of so I’m set for 5 or 6 years.

If you develop a color slide DIA film with the C process, you get the so called “cross processed film” Yep, It doesn’t say when can I open the lid, usually after the bleach?

Feb 23, 9. If anyone knows the recipe for the reversal bath, or a better negative developer for it, I would appreciate it very much. Do you have any good advice on 200d to develop the Scala x film?

Rated 5 out of 5 by Walt from Great tool I use and 4×5 for great cibachrome prints. The scwla structure was awesome.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Melo Matt from Awesome stock I was using this stock to shoot behind the scenes at a studio session of a jazz album. In the US, http: So if you want to develop it as negative there are many options.