Aghora: At the Left Hand of God is the first book in the Aghora trilogy. Written almost entirely in Vimalananda’s own words, it presents events. Quotations from:Aghora – At The Left Hand Of God Robert E. Svoboda. Excerpts from AGHORA: At the Left Hand of God. Printer-friendly version. by Robert. E. Svoboda1. Humans believe that through sex they are creating a child.

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These are just preliminaries, of course; but they are essential preliminaries, and worth working hard on if you want to obtain the benefits of this sadhana: He’s not trying to sell his teachings, it’s too late for that anyways god bless him. Much of what Aghora is about is clear to me and I agree with it.

This is the world he knows best and of which he sees the metaphysical reasons for being as such. Were our Rishis ancient seers fools to spend decades out in the jungles working at hard penances to awaken Kundalini and to perfect Aghora? The book shocks you.

I simply loved this book and still read it again n again. They just want someone to reproduce their own attributes [genes], someone who will appreciate and love them In addition, the author shed light on the epic poem Ramayana, and explains it in a way that is illuminating for the spiritually inclined. Still, this is not your intro to Tantra kind of book. I have come across many guru’s and Vimalananda is one of the few who I felt to be genuine, sticking up to his guns and having only one ambition, selflessly loving Kali, the mother of all.


Cant wait to get or hands on Part II. Khushwant Singh on Humour: Jan 01, Gregory Peters rated it liked it. No, the people who think they can buy Kundalini are the fools. The discussion about the ego is shattering, because according to Aghora, if we extinguish the ego, we don’t exist anymore. Jun 12, Ldft Srivastava rated it liked it.

Excerpts from AGHORA: At the Left Hand of God

Try it out, experience it, and then you will know whether or not I’m telling you the truth. Aghora is light years beyond the average person who goes to mass and burns candles.

Jul 14, Umesh Sukhwani rated it it was amazing. Svoboda “The merely curious have no business dabbling in Tantra, but some so-called gurus in the West encourage their half-baked followers to do so. Brotherhood of Life November 15, Language: Aug 01, Vidyasagar Darapu rated it really liked it. Likewise, harmonious thoughts increase ojas.

Gand is words of wisdom. Tantric sex becomes possible only when one has totally effaced one’s own personality and offers oneself for the gratification of the deity, the universe incarnate. Vimalananda speaks of Mahakala or God in a very personal way, as a friend.

Expectedly, I was in for a crashing disappointment.

Excerpts from AGHORA: At the Left Hand of God | Reuniting

Ships from and sold by TheBigStore AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. You will feel like lost in a different world when you are reading this book. Read reviews that mention robert svoboda autobiography of a yogi read this book left hand aghora trilogy paramahansa yogananda life changing aghori vimalananda hand of aghorz highly recommended spiritual path well worth spiritual practice book i have read best book aghora at the left lsft read many things vimalananda robert changing book.


When two people come together to copulate they usually seek gratification for themselves, the slaking of their lust.

Aghora: At the Left Hand of God by Robert E. Svoboda

If you want to progress from the state of being a donkey in human form, one who lives for eating and procreating, to a higher state, you must conserve off semen. When I picked up this book I assumed this would be a standard work dealing with the history, practise and philosophy of Aghora.

But I do not exist anyway. On a superficial level, it was entertaining. What is important for me, is, there is truth in this book. Getting past our relativistic eurocentrism is another lesson Vimalananda wishes to get across. Buy the selected items together This item: English Choose a language for shopping. See all 67 reviews. One cannot act and think to get away fo it.