The AHRMA Handbook. The Handbook (rulebook) is printed and in the mail on its way to all current members. A link to the. A complete list of AHRMA contacts is found in Section Note: AHRMA members automatically receive a copy of the rulebook when they first join and then. AHRMA allows many bikes to “race up” a class, so there are riders who race three or more classes per day on the same bike. Get a rulebook.

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rlebook My entire goal for the weekend was to improve on my corner entry speed and comfort and to build rlebook back into my muscle memory. Brian has been steadily improving every aspect of his riding, and this weekend he ran into the low 1: Heavy rain on Thursday night left rivers running through four turns on Friday. We have two more TZ -powered racers in the works, so maybe this wonderful Spondon will get a thorough and complete make-over some day.

Rules | eMotoRacing

My boot caught something on his bike and I thought I put him on the ground. We have alarms on our houses and cars to protect us. Brian put himself in a bad position in the very first race of the weekend, ducking inside another racer in a left-hand corner and getting his front wheel taken out.

I passed two them in the entrance to three and was directly behind the next guy entering 3B. This gives me my plan for my next event. He appreciates the pure atmosphere of the racetrack. He blew the apex at six and I nailed it giving me the run rulbeook to seven.



He arrived at NJMP with significant timing, exhaust and jetting differences and frankly, we never got the bike running well. Through a late sign-up snafu, I found myself in row nine on the grid for Sound of Thunder It is measured in agrma times and finishing positions, not in how much you can talk about yourself. Repeat this to yourself: Keeping them running strongly, sometimes on a shoestring budget, is part of the allure. Right now, he is riding in a race, not racing.

Four Racers at AHRMA: Four Guys Racing

He enjoys his friends and often hosts big BBQs at his motorhome, but he sips water and gets to bed by There are twelve races per day and almost every one of those races has two or three classes, often launched in two waves.

I survived the day and dropped my times as the track dried, all good. AJ personifies the studied approach to our sport. This was also the first time I raced the Brake pressure, front grip at turn-in, mid-corner tire loading, rear tire grip at exit.

He was a new rider to me and was good so I followed for a lap to study and find his weakness. My thinking was to be patient and get him on the exit, that was until he decided to park it, catching me completely by surprise. Unfortunately, a number of my fellow competitors did not recognize the fourth type and proceeded rklebook wad some really nice bikes.

Nate Kern was in the lead and became my rabbit. If you have thought about roadracing motorcycles, I want to give a little ruleebook and will use four examples this week Rob Cichielo, Brian Smith, AJ Ciampa and myself to help flesh-out this guidance.

Budget and time restraints limit that ideal, so we sometimes struggle with issues that could be worked through in a single testing day. There are a myriad classes and everyone has their favorites.


You can approach racing like a big party by drinking a lot and staying up late, prioritizing the social aspects over the on-track experience, but Brian decided he would be a social goofball away from the track and on Sunday night.

Entry, Exit, Balanced and Wet! Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. I passed the first guy on the exit and motored him down the shoot to six where I caught the next guy just happened to be my nemesis from the first race. I was in full gear and hot as hell so this was more than a welcome sight.

Turns out to be a second place finish…I was stunned! In the last race, the bike ran degrees and that is in the dangerous zone. His fitness and on-the-wagon approach were simply to give him confidence that nothing had been left to chance.

Actually, racing is the ultimate goal for some of us. This is the correct. BOT Race started good.

Battle of the Twins was my first race on Saturday and had 34 entries. I like to have a technical approach ahgma how I ride but the result typically ends up in a lot of fun and a big smile at the end of the day! I also enjoy the precision that it requires. Their stories are below. I remember those Sunday ahrms with Steve Biganski back when we were racing s, and AHRMA racing lets me revisit the emotional and physical euphoria. His lap times were stunning and consistent.