AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Texas The multidimensional program features a speed mentoring leadership. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite Reston, VA AIAA (). AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting from 7–10 January in Grapevine, Nick Skytland, Program Manager, Open Innovation Program, NASA (bio).

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Speakers will also explore how aerospace and IT companies are currently collaborating to bring these applications to market. The documents will provide baseline requirements for the design, fabrication, test, inspection, operation, and maintenance of pressurized hardware used in space systems such as spacecraft and launch vehicles.

Topics of the papers included: Click image for larger version. The papers are judged by AIAA professional members who will determine who has the best student papers for this year. Get a jump start and attend the Career and Workforce Development Workshop. It provides, in one single reference, a comprehensive description of the state of the art of these natural environment inputs.

This will be our first chance to educate Congress on the value of aerospace after the elections! AIAA continuing education courses provide you with the knowledge you need to excel in your field Lt Gen Larry D. Please rsvp to joannez aiaa. Following a careful review of AIAA financials, current membership models, and other relevant data, the AIAA Board of Directors made the difficult decision to approve a three-year plan to modestly increase dues, effective 1 November Sign up at www.

Tickets are included in the registration where indicated.

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Membership is requested, especially from industrial and academic representatives, both domestic and international. Speakers will highlight emerging technologies—both hardware and software—in development within the IT community that have the potential for civil, military and commercial aeronautical and space applications.

Air Force bio Dr. Pdogram did the International Space Station receive for the first time on 2 November ?


New Horizons Forum

For more information on this panel contact Eleanor Aldrich. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The contents of the Guide are based on aerospace vehicle development experiences and consolidate guidelines for natural environments that have been utilized in a large number of space vehicle developments ssm reflected asj the NASA TM. This book has been adapted from Xsm earlier title, Tactical Missile Design, Second Edition to include a greater emphasis on systems engineering.

Network with conference attendees from around the world and learn what AIAA is doing to engage and serve the international aerospace community. ASM is the asn major multidisciplinary event of the year for aerospace scientists and engineers from around the world, and the one event where it all comes together — research, business, education, networking, and fun. Networking Activities We have planned a series of activities during the Aerospace Sciences Meeting that will help you connect with current colleagues and new acquaintances.

Check back here frequently to find the latest updates. Once the room has met capacity, the doors will be closed. The lectureship emphasizes the great importance of basic research to advancement in aeronautics and astronautics, and is a salute to research scientists and engineers.

51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting : The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The Grand Prix features unmanned aerial vehicle design competitions and will award prizes for creativity and athletics. For more rpogram, contact carols aiaa. This is a great new program to add to your line-up! Rice, Educator Associate member, Executive Director of Fly to Learn, and pilot for the upcoming Think Global Flight, a circumnavigation of the Earth, set to take off in the fall of Join us for assm special session aimed at achieving the most value from your attendance at the Aerospace Sciences Meeting.

Additionally, the First Progarm student will have the opportunity to present their work along with winners from the U. Space is limited, so register early.


Armor Recognized for Leadership. Intellectual Property Law Attorney Richard Jaworski, with over 20 years of experience, will present a workshop to provide insight into the various options that are available for protecting Intellectual Property. Separate registration is required. Dryden, renowned leader in aerospace research programs.

For more information, please contact the subcommittee Secretariat at nickt aiaa. New Horizons Forum Proyram New Horizons Forum has gained significant attention from leaders and managers in the aerospace industry and government research labs.

Commissioned on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, here is the fascinating historical account of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics — and its predecessor organizations, the American Rocket Society and The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences — and the significant contributions each has made to the evolution of flight.

Reading like an aeronautical and astronautical “who’s who,” it is also the amazing story of the organizations’ founders, leaders and members — visionary individuals and dedicated engineers advancing theories and technologies in a profession that has forever changed society and shaped everyday life as we know it.

This is an opportunity to hear about the latest university research from some of the best students in the world. On this panel, we will examine the promise of “spin-on” technologies from the future of the Information Technology community, and how these technologies can influence the development of future aerospace systems. We have planned a series of activities during the Aerospace Sciences Meeting that will help you connect with current colleagues and new acquaintances.

Set up an account today and gain access to a variety of aerospace job postings, salary information, professional career timelines and much more!