i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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It’s just students perceive it in a different light 2117 do not trust us well enough. Contact the nearest T. How can I push myself beyond this? What are the cut offs for Aimcat ??

AIMCAT 1210 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Let me add here that these are early days, do not worry if your percentile is not high, try to work on your conceptual understanding aimact subject. I do have a reading habit. By the time i get into MBAi would be having 3n half years of experience.


You can choose to do the following:. Go for sectional preparation, concentrate on one section and try to complete it entirely. Chat on Verbal section of CAT The drop down list shows only ,19 and Hi SirI am currently working and have work exp of 2 yeargeneraly i face problem in VA can you please suggest effective ways to improve on that?

You can always send a mail to info time4education.

Chat Transcript

Test taking strategies for CAT ! I am not getting enough of time to prepare. Do them at least twice b4 your exam. We took cognisance of this and are adjusting the score accordingly. Solve practice books and online tests. No announcements have been made to that effect yet. Still have a aimczt

Confidence is good but over confidence isn’t. What should i do now??

Do you suggest attempting DI first before quant. Below is the link. Sir, pl advice me on how to improve my quant solving speed and accuracy. Your absolute score depends on the paper, your preparation leading to it and your temperament during the exam. Learn More at wikibuy.


Then divide them into clusters of 2 chapters each and then focus on the basics in each area in the cluster, solve the exercise problems, the past CAT problems, and the present AIMCAT problems from the areas, repeat this for other chapters.

You belong to which centre? How do I get above 80 percentile in CAT? SIR, i am taking hrs for completing 1 chapter in basic quant, is it too bad? Nowboth sit for CAT same session. The concepts are limited but the applications are not.

Use max time for preparation. Sir when will the results out? As sai is not here.

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