to the Air Force Journal of Logistics, Ward Street, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) goals. Since the early s, the U.S. Air Force Logistics Community has improving logistics operations, eLog21 represented the Air Force’s. The AF logistics transformation initiative, Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21), represents the Air Force’s commitment to transform current.

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Their staffs have the technical skill sets required to maintain current inventory aircraft. There is no set Air Force policy for when software development, upgrade, or modification or when software maintenance begins or ends. However, it is not an efficient enterprise either.

Meetings and Participating Organizations — Appendix C: Major General Bruce A. Support manpower issues affect the ALC workforce. The point of the chart extends beyond the fact that the policy must be updated. Laudably, the Air Force acquisition and sustainment communities are working together and embrace the concept shown in Figure A plan approved logistice a Board of Directors BODconsisting of the most senior leaders of the functional activities, exists for each functional alignment and identifies, prioritizes, aligns, and synchronizes logostics efforts for the various entities.

Strategies were examined from the perspective of how the Air Force got to this state and what have been the true results. Dramatic improvements are needed. Without a firm and universally accepted definition of depot maintenance, program managers will make decisions that best optimize their own programs.

The results, highlighted in Figure. The lack of an integrated planning tool is a serious resource constraint for the ALCs.

Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS)

Harvard Business Review September-October. Likewise, the processes to determine the tasks, procedures, and frequencies of maintenance actions to operate and sustain systems vary not only between the ALCs, but also between similar systems within the same ALC.


IEEE Software 18 4: How data processes enhance this support is covered in detail in Chapters 2 and 6. To the extent possible, the committee analyzed workforce levels to support the ALC sustainment missions. Because the Air Force believes software to be a core maintenance capability, it must be managed and supported accordingly.

Many argued that the depot maintenance piece, forc field maintenance piece, and the supply piece all build the AA metric. As it turned over the sustainment of many of its systems to contractors, and in keeping with the general PBL philosophy, the Air Force moved to an outcome.

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Although the workload for selected repair lines has increased, the size of the DLA workforce that supports parts to these repair dlog21 has not been linked to the repair volume.

The AFMC develops, tests, fields, and sustains weapon systems. The Air Force is transforming its logistics business processes, systems, and organizational structures as part of the broader Department of Defense DoD effort to better support the warfighters.

Major system changes cannot be implemented by outside consultants or contractors alone but must have major engagement of the actual management and workforce that will use them. Nevertheless, the organizational structure of the ALCs is not resourced adequately in that executive leadership does not have full command or control of the ALC enterprise.

Thus, while the workload on repair lines changes, portions of the workforce that support parts logisttics repairs lines are completely disconnected from the function they support. Outcome-based Metrics At this stage in the chapter, five of the six criteria for an effective sustainment logistisc have been discussed. Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released.


There remain significant issues related to providing a skilled product engineering and DLA supply support workforce to ALC foece activities to assure that the support is properly sized to match the workload. There are disconnects between the engineering resources needed to support production and aair resources provided.

Ogden Air Logistics Center Factsheet.

Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released. The facilities were comparatively new and largely designed for software maintenance support activities. From a broad perspective, the overall parts situation is just another reflection of who is in charge or not in charge of the sustainment process at the ALCs. During tours of the ALCs, the committee searched for evidence of strong planning and execution of maintenance programs.


Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) – ppt download

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Time constraints also did not permit such a visit. In reality, market dynamics demonstrate that for many commodities this is entirely appropriate. There was enough evidence to suggest that the many pieces of the metric result in no one fully taking accountability and responsibility for the performance. A closer partnership between government and contractor throughout the entire development life cycle must be a fundamental part of acquisition planning.

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