Air Raid (HTML) (Asimov’s, Spring ). A sample from this anthology. Hugo Nomination for Best Short Story Nebula Nomination for Best Short Story. Air Raid. Needed: People for repopulating a future humanity. Whom do you get? This short story was the basis for the novel (and screenplay and movie). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Air Raid Title Record # Author: John Varley Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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Most of the chapter titles are named after famous novels and short stories about time travel by other authors, as Varley mentions in the book’s author’s note: I was lifted toward the rsid in the side of the plane, but I managed to hold onto a seat. All that work for nothing, and Flight inaccessible to us for all Time.

Johh are our best, our very brightest hope. She implored her bald, one-legged twin to make her understand.


Support the artists whose work you enjoy! I shoved her through. It took that long to re-align.

She switched off, and I spent the next two minutes trying to get dressed while varlye my eyes on the screens. John Varley appeared on the SF scene inand by the end of —in what was a meteoric rise to prominence even for a field known for meteoric rises—he was already being recognized as one of the hottest new writers of the seventies.


Is this some new kind of rescue?

If you live, it will be to break your back behind a plow, sunup to dusk. It’s a bigger job every time. When you get there, sixty to seventy percent will die in the first three years. He was maybe seven. It is a deadening routine. I switched my gun to prod and brushed it across his cheek.

Millennium (novel) – Wikipedia

Pinky took care of the rest. Sandro rated raod really liked it Aug 25, The team she leads uses a “time gate” to appear in the bathroom aboard an airplane in flight.

I knew about the para-leprosy; I grew up with my toes rotting away. The people you’ve worked so hard to rescue are spread like tomato surprise all over some goddam hillside in Carolina and all you’ve got left is a bunch of ruined wimps and an exhausted Snatch Team. There’s not enough metal in it to set off a hijack alarm.

She started to enter the restroom, stopped when she saw the green glow.

Like, what-if time travel? A couple of the work gang were pretty damn pooped by then. One day I’ll be sitting at a console. The plane began to stall, to nose down, and my feet left the floor.

About the same number will commit suicide, here and on the way. Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I reached to the floor for my leg, strapped it on and plugged it in. I smiled at myself. Kavitha Rajagopalan rated it liked it Nov 24, Pinky popped out very quickly. The gate was only three feet away from me, but I began pulling myself along to where she floated. We had a hundred and three passengers to process. Lord, to look like that with no makeup, no prosthetics!


Air Raid by John Varley

And what’s it to you, bugger? From Here to Forever. For a while, you can’t believe it all really happened. I grabbed the limp dolls in stewardess costume and tossed them to the floor. Hands grabbed and pulled us through. I took her by the elbow and pulled her behind the curtains in front. This was in an anthology, it was written in the first person by the agent, and he barely made it off the plane before it crashed.

We herded them toward the front of the plane, then deployed ourselves along the left side where we could cover the workers. I had maybe ten years, half of that as a basketcase. Her friendly Sun-Belt Airlines smile was stamped on her face, but her stomach would be churning.

Like his best work, the book was smoothly muscled, manipulative and ruthless. I sat up straight as the sludge I use for blood was replaced with supercharged go-juice. A smiling young woman, blonde, high brow, round face. She nearly broke my heart. What-if raidd 60 the oil eater?