in Adobe’s Flash Platform API Reference web browser control is used or if Adobe AIR’s embedded version of the WebKit engine is used. This team definitely rulezzz! Fabrice. Myflashlabs, you guys are heros! Your works are essential for mobile developers working with AIR and AS3. Json. rt: Returns a Rectangle object representing the area where the StageWebView object is displayed To use the StageWebView object, you.

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StageWebView – AS3

Set stage to null to hide this StageWebView object. Boolean Indicates ztagewebview the specified property exists and is enumerable. When the loadString method is used, the location is reported as “about: When the loadString method is used, the location is reported as “about: Boolean [static] [read-only] Reports whether the StageWebView class is supported on the current device. Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

A reference to the class object or constructor function for a given object instance. The stage on which this StageWebView object is displayed. aair


Retrieving Data from Server Dispatched when this StageWebView object receives focus. Clicking on the label airr the corresponding web page and displays it as a snapshot on the stage.

Html desktop component, the main reason for this staagewebview the dom tree is built and added to your app which increase the memory, we used the following trick it helps alot but not remove all added memory: When useNative is true, then AIR will use the the system’s default web engine. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Loads the page at the specified URL. I’ll do some tests to see how much it improves memory conservation.

XMLHttpRequests are not allowed.

The Finest Collection of AIR Native Extensions

Sets shagewebview availability of a dynamic property for loop operations. The event cannot be canceled. You can call the preventDefault method of the event object to cancel the default behavior.

Does anyone know if this is an inherent problem with stagewebview, or am I just doing something wrong?

In the introduction to the documentation, it states: Rectangle The area on the stage in which the StageWebView object is displayed. Hide Inherited Public Properties. There is no way to control the depth ordering of different StageWebView stagewebvlew. RangeError — The Rectangle value is not valid.


ebView – ActionScript® Reference for the Adobe® Flash® Platform

No worries about new SDK versions, compatibility issues and blah blah! I’ve pointed the StageWebView to whatsmyuseragent. Unfortunately this hasn’t had a noticeable impact on performance improvement, but since you told me exactly what’s causing maybe I’ll be able to find the solution still. Boolean Indicates whether an object has aur specified property defined. Dispatched when the StageWebView relinquishes focus.

You can test for support at run time using the StageWebView. This feature is supported on all desktop operating systems and mobile devices, but is not supported on AIR for TV devices.

This event has the following properties: Creates a StageWebView object. However, I can’t seem to get useNative to work. Call the preventDefault method of the event object to prevent the change.