El filo de la navaja has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Razor’s Edge – William Somerset MaughamThe Razor’s Edge is a novel by W. Questions About El Filo de la navaja. by W. Somerset Maugham. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El Filo de la navaja, please sign up. El Filo De LA Navaja by W. Somerset Maugham, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Which is the other thing Maugham is particularly good at: As such, it lacks the epic quality of the Great Gatsby–plus Maugham can’t write American dialog to save his life. Not an unheard-of double function at all, although a bit unexpected from an author who usually seems to count more on the beauty of the story-telling than on clever, modernist narrative techniques.

And I felt Maugham’s deliberate reveal of himself as a character in the story and as the narrator, didn’t add anything to the narrative and instead mellowed down its intensity to a certain extent. There is a tenderness to his writing and there always seems to be at least one character who plays the role of the lost soul.

I feel like this book isn’t read as much as Gatsby but in some ways it may be even more important then Gatsby.

But then, again, he wouldn’t have been Henry Miller had he wrote like this. It’s something that I’ll have to re-read again and will recommend to people who are searching for “the meaning of life,” to put it in a cliched manner. If it’s the later, I would say that was just typical of early 20th century literature.


I recently watched the movie on TCM.

El filo de la navaja by W. Somerset Maugham (4 star ratings)

The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, didn’t become popular until after Fitzgerald’s death. Among several surprises in the book, this may have been the biggest for me Maugham draws Darrell as an esoteric seeker after perfection who walks away from the material world and chases his own agenda, in stark contrast to the more worldly pursuits of his friends.

I got my copy of this book from a second hand bookstore. Isabel, a rich husband. If you don’t wish to spend the time reading this, the film version starring Bill Murray in one of his first dramatic roles is fantastic, and very faithful to the novel. Maugham, you son of a bitch. fulo

Each one determines an end goal to their life, consciously or otherwise, and each one manages to meet it in their own way. The thought that someone could spend so much time and effort searching only to find so little at the end of that journey is infinitely depressing to me. It was a very navana adaptation of the book and reminded me that I should re-read this book at some point. What I really liked about this novel was Maugham’s utilization of the omniscient AND first-person narrator himself!

El filo de la navaja (The Razor’s Edge)

E se non distrugge, muore. Stylisticall Boring for most, enlightening for some, and absolutely beautiful to very few, this book describes the journey of a man disillusioned with the materialistic predilections of society.

View all 5 comments. To ask other readers questions about El Filo de la navajaplease sign up. Around the Year i Apr 27, Monica. Characters that leap off the page in their own way.


Em vez disso procura incessantemente respostas para as perguntas que o atormentam. Later Maugham has dinner with all the main characters, at Isabel’s mother’s home, Elliott’s sister the author insists that this is a true story, we will never know for sure.

Saintliness, is how Larry describes the man maughan a loincloth, however can Darrell ever find the happiness he desperately seeks? Are you referring to the writing style?

El Filo de la Navaja [The Razor’s Edge]

Like most writers, Maugham possesses sharp observation skills, insight into human motivations, and the ability w.someeset make people open up to him, so he exploited these traits to have his character propel the story. The main point of this one, I guess, is the story of a young man who goes off to war and who has his life saved by a friend who subsequently dies due to rescuing him. Maugham Chatty, erudite, engrossing and thoroughly entertaining. Brett I certainly liked it better w.somfrset the Great Gatsby, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘more important’.

El Filo de la navaja — Reader Q&A

It’s also quite an open-minded book for having been written in One surprise to me is that none of Maugham’s characters chose love.

Does anyone agree with me or am I alone on this one?

I read this wonderful and strange and clever novel in Paris on my honeymoon.