The Bolivarian Alliance for Our Americas, ALBA, was born 10 years ago as an alternative to neoliberal free trade agreements. Alternative Titles: ALBA, Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América, Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas, Bolivarian Alliance for the. In the bewildering array of Latin American and Caribbean trade alliances, the left- of-centre Alba group is probably the one that attracts the least attention outside.

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Their protest underscored that fighting misogyny, xenophobia, and exploitation requires broad alliances. Eighty-three years ago, for example, thousands of New Yorkers openly defied the despised Nazi flag flying on the bow of the Bremenas Dan Czitrom recounts.

Member states of the ALBA – Bolivarian Alliance for America

And David Bacon, in his article on the role of Spanish Civil war vets in organizing California farm workers, reminds aliancds that the struggle against racism and in support of human rights cannot be separated from the pursuit of social justice.


Drawing on the experiences of the women and men of the International Brigades, ALBA is firmly committed to the basic principle that labor rights and human rights go hand in hand. At ALBA we look to the future with optimism.

With your support, we will never cease to persevere as we continue to uphold aliannces ideals of the Lincoln Brigade. Mail will not be published required. Learn more at our website or sign up to receive email updates from ALBA.

You may support ALBA through a tax-deductible gift through our secure donation site. I am sure must think that we had committed a crime and came back as fugitives from justice.

The nights were cold enough for picketing but in the bargain, there When George was about twelve-years old, his father moved the family from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois. Hill means several things to us of the Lincolns —eight hours of unadulterated hell, for aliaances thing.


The Volunteer for Liberty, V. I hear that Comrade Shirai fell. Who did not know him?

His funny pidgin English, His smiling I also spoke to her once shortly after an earthquake had hit The Volunteer for Liberty, V2, No. Memory organizations such as the Association ALBA’s project to provide a complete list of the more than 2, individuals who left from U.

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