Ecerinis by Albertino Mussato Performed in the original Latin, with English surtitles Friday 28th March, 7 pm Location: King’s College Chapel, Strand, London. Früher Humanismus in Oberitalien: Albertino Mussato, Ecerinis /​ Hubert Müller. Author. Müller, Hubert, Other Authors. Mussato, Albertino, The Tragedy of Ecerinis (Studia classica) [Albertino Mussato] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Albertino Mussato | Italian writer and statesman |

Seneca is the ecefinis model for tragedy in Latin in the Renaissance, and as Grund observes “a real turning point” p. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The play is nicely constructed; first, the ghost of Diomedes the Thracian not the hero from the Iliad but an ancestor of Tereus claims that new crimes in the Thracian royal family far outstrip his own misdeeds.

Library help and support. Gualpertino fled first to the Lemici palazzo and then to the castle of Treville with his brother, Mussato, where a better chance for security was offered.

Achilles—at this point still very much muasato asked for Polyxena in marriage and Hecuba wants to refuse.

Peformance of ‘Ecerinis’ by Albertino Mussato in the original Latin

The last works of Mussato exemplified his efforts to share his personal knowledge and beliefs with subtle political hints wherever applicable to as many individuals as possible. Dela donason de Pava fatta a Cangrande. Ecerinus receives this startling news with delight and proceeds to wage war against Verona, Vicenza, and as many other cities as he can— Capiamus urbes undique et late loca l. Alberti, disappointed, complained that the judges were jealous of Dati, so announced “envy” as the following year’s theme.

MUSSATO, Albertino

Slbertino issue was finally resolved on February 17,when Boniface announced in a letter that Gualpertino was the new abbot of Santa Giustina. Cecchini, Le epistole metriche del M.

Walker, Joseph Cooper Thus, it is considered to be the first Italian tragedy identifiable as a Renaissance work. This poem was dedicated to Henry VII and is notable for its classicized meter and language. Witt, in Wittp. In precedenza lo stesso Padrin aveva edito, traendoli dal codice Venezia, Biblioteca nazionale Marciana, lat. The most famous of Mussato’s works contained writings of immense political magnitude that targeted Cangrande and angered the della Scala family.


Grund calls Gregorio Correr’s Procne “the best Latin tragedy of the quattrocento” p. Cambridge University Press, Italy — Intellectual life — Mussato produced many works over his career including multiple pieces on influential people in his life Lovati, Marsilius. The influence behind Mussato’s writing style and forms in his Historia Augusta can be traced back to ancient historians such as Livy, SallustCaesarand Suetonius.

Login to add to list. Discord begot Treachery, from which follow Poverty, Thievery, and Plunder,” p. In general Dati’s trimeters seem quite loose, with more resolution than Seneca’s. Help us improve this article! Lanza, Albertinus Mussatusin C. Cruenta lingua palpitat moriens, velut longae colubrae cauda, quae, celeri rota traiecta, partem quaerit ereptam sibi.

They are relatively short but have enough high rhetoric and lurid action to satisfy fans of Seneca. His brother is captured and executed along with his family; the fifth act of the play consists of a messenger’s description of their gruesome deaths. Ecerinis created a political legacy for Mussato that greatly benefited the longevity and ecerinid of his works but also led to the undoing of his personal life. This helped to solidify humanism as an important moral and political system in Padua and many other regions of Northern Italy during the early 14th century.

He also argued that poetry was not a vehicle for expressing God’s word, but contained allegorical representations pertaining to divinity and Mussaot creatures. Integra lo scambio epistolare tra Mussato e la cancelleria veneziana che mussaot svolse tra il e il la lettera indirizzata al cancelliere Tanto, interessante per le osservazioni sulla metrica latina, edita in Monticolo, Poesie latine del principio del secolo XIV cit.

Il contrasto tra il cittadino padovano e quello vicentino e lo scambio tra Zambono e Albertino si leggono anche in Cipolla, Pellegrini, Poesie minori cit. Mussato was influenced by his teacher zlbertino contemporary, Lovato Lovati, a figure also associated with Northern Italian humanism.


In defense of the un-Christian nature of ancient poets, Mussato invoked Aristotle and argued that poets were the first theologians.

ecerinid Procne’s furious, insane rage is almost beyond belief, but would make a wonderful role for an actress. The New Cambridge Medieval History. Gli echi di Catullo. This garners the following response from the Chorus:. Classicists won’t need some of the notes to Achilles about the Trojan war, but will be grateful to have the complicated history of early 13th-century Verona a,bertino out in the notes to Ecerinis.

Petrarch is popularly defined as the first humanisthowever, figures such as Albertino Mussato, and his teacher Lovato Lovati are argued by many scholars to have preceded Petrarchan humanism in their use of classical works.

Keep Exploring Britannica September 11 attacks. Mussato’s main source for information on Ezzelino was Rolandino of Padua’s Cronica in factis et circa facta Marchie Trivixane c.

De tristibus ad filiumedito criticamente in J. Fittingly, the first play in the volume is Ecerinis, by Albertino Mussato”the first tragic drama to emerge in the immediate aftermath of Lovato dei Lovati’s discovery of Seneca’s plays at Pomposa” p. The play consists of “five acts, a small cast, chorus of Paduans, and a boastful cruel protagonist”. Mussato was later sent on four ambassadorial missions to Henry VII. Frons, Henrice, mee satis est incomta Camene, Lecta tamen veri nuntia fida soni.

The lawyers studying these ancient Roman legal texts also became interested in other aspects of classical heritage: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

In Act 1, Ezzelino’s mother informs him and his brother that their father is, in fact, a demon.