3rd Year Seminar ReportOn ALCOHOL AS AN ALTERNATIVE FUEL IN I.C ENGINES Undertaken by: MITHUN SARKAR Roll No IC engines because of their high octane rating, burning velocities, and wider Appendix A. Both acts are mandating the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles. Alcohols have been used as a fuel. The first four aliphatic alcohols are of interest as fuels . into its main agenda. Alcohol fuels had become part of five main alternative fuels: Two of which were alcohols; methanol and ethanol.

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Energy balance estimates are not easily produced, thus numerous such reports have been generated that are contradictory.

Diesel fuels serve as lubricants for diesel engine. The world’s top ethanol fuel producers in were the United States with Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The American Le Mans Alclhol sports car championship introduced E10 in the season to replace pure gasoline.

Alcohol fuel

It requires a minimum of modification to the engine, since alcohol injector is placed at the take air manifold. Formula One racing continues to use gasoline as its fuel, but in pre war grand prix racing methanol was often used in the ass.

Two major components of plants, starch and cellulose, are both made of sugars—and can, in principle, be converted to sugars for fermentation. Sugarcane Molasses Agricultural waste Low average cost of Rs. If ethanol is then placed in the gas tank, it may dissolve off the varnish which will travel, in clumps of gunk, into the fuel filter and clog up the fuel system. What Is the Electric Car? This method is backed up by advanced knock sensors — used in most high performance gasoline engines regardless of alterrnative they are designed to use ethanol or not — that detect pre-ignition and detonation.


Retrieved 3 August Tailpipe emissions of Un 2 also decrease due to the lower carbon-to-hydrogen ratio of these alcohols, and the improved engine efficiency.

Thus, many people will die due to lack of food. For older cars, it is recommended that ethanol be blended into the gasoline in steps and that the fuel i.c.enngines be replaced after the highest operating blend is reached. INEOS produced ethanol from vegetative material and wood waste. Archived from the original PDF on 28 May Methanol fuel has been proposed as a future biofuel, often as an alternative to the hydrogen economy.

Morrison 18 September Archived from the original pdf on Automobiles as well as distribution stations would require twice as much storage capacity, twice the number of storage facilities, twice the volume of storage at the service stations, twice as many tank trucks and pipelines, etc. In some engines ethanol may degrade some compositions of plastic or rubber fuel delivery components designed for conventional petrol, and also be unable to lambda compensate the sa properly.

Ethanol fuel energy balance. Common ethanol fuel mixtures.

Ethanol fuel – Wikipedia

The increased solubility of water with higher ethanol content permits E30 and hydrated ethanol to be put in the same tank since any combination of them always results in a single phase.

Converting biomass to electricity for charging electric vehicles may be a more “climate-friendly” transportation option than using biomass to produce ethanol alcphol, according to an analysis published in Science in May [82] Researchers continue to search for more cost-effective developments in both cellulosic ethanol and advanced vehicle batteries.

It was selected to achieve ethanol delivery at relatively low pressure. In other words, for the same energy content as one liter or one gallon of gasoline, one needs 1.


Methanol is used some dual-fuel CI engines. Methanol is the simpler molecule, and ethanol can be made from methanol.


Alternative Fuels Data Center. Using a variable geometry or twin scroll turbochargerthe compression ratio can be optimized for the fuel, making fuel economy almost constant for any blend. Archived from the original on 24 August One liter of ethanol contain My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Archived from the original PDF on 12 February As a compression alternatve engine fuel, both alcohols create very little particulates, alcoho their low cetane number means that an ignition improver like glycol must be mixed into the fuel with approx.

E85 as a fuel is widely used in Sweden and is becoming increasingly common in the United States, mainly in the Midwest where corn is a major crop and is the primary source material for ethanol fuel production. Retrieved 18 March Ethanol is already being used extensively as a fuel additiveand the use of ethanol fuel alone or as part of a mix with gasoline is increasing.

GAIAX was named a “high density alcohol fuel,” and a campaign was executed to exclude it from the market long term. A simple fumigation system was used, consisting of a single hole, direct opening configuration spraying nozzle. It can be made from very common crops such as hempsugarcanepotatocassava and corn.

What Is the Electric Car? Retrieved 20 January