ALCOHOL CONTENT DETERMINATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. density, if you have density of your initial product you can estmate and also build a curve using etanol to the mix and know the final density later. If you know the. Two methods are adopted for the estimation of this. In one Traditionally, determination of alcohol in galenicals is carried out by distillation method followed by.

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The instrument contains a column of 2mm by 4mm packed with polyethylene glycol. Take the distillate 2ml less than the original sample. Results are shown in Table I, below. Other uses will become ib to those skilled in the art and are intended to be within the scope of this invention.

These alcohol compositions are very drying to the skin, evaporate quickly, and are easily spilled due to their watery nature. Imprints were made by inverting the mounting holder anct pressing the treated skin onto the agar surface. Application of Test Organisms: Two pieces of mounted skin were used for each sample tested. An inert gas such as gallium is used as carrier at a flow rate of about 60ml per minute. US USA en Inject appropriate quantity into the apparatus. Add sufficient amount of distilled water to make the volume 50ml.


USA – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

These products are commercially available from Hercules, Incorporated. Collect the distillate about 70ml.

Here you can find all about Pharmacy Education, Industrial Pharmacy and relevant topics Treat the liquids that froth to a troublesome extent during distillation by ; 1- Rendering them strongly acidic with H 3 PO 4H 2 SO 4tannic acid 2- Treating with a slight excess of calcium chloride solution or with a small amount of paraffin or silicon oil before starting the distillation.

Before use in a test, a section of pig skin was thawed, destubbled using a disposable razor, and defatted using a scalpel. The plates were graded to indicate the extent of organism growth in the imprint. Standardize them by calculating specific gravity and noting the percentage from the table given in B.

Mature adult pig hides from freshly killed pigs were obtained from a slaughterhouse.

Weight readings were made each 30 seconds galeniccals a six-minute period demonstrating uniformity of loss over this period. High alcohol content foaming compositions comprising an anionic phosphate fluorosurfactant. This method is useful for examining most fluid extracts and tinctures, provided ; The capacity of the distilling flask is sufficient commonly two to four times the volume of the liquid to be heated Rate of distillation is such that clear distillates are produced.


Year of fee payment: Antimicrobial film-forming composition, antimicrobial film, and method of verifying the presence of an antimicrobial film. These examples are not intended to limit the scope of the invention. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. One of two pieces of skin was inoculated with 0.

US5288486A – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. The instant disinfectant compositions comprise: Add some amount valenicals distilled water mixed and distilled it. Presentation Description No description available. What is claimed is: Application of Alcoholic Preparations: For example, there may be mentioned Klucel HF and Klucel EF, which are hydroxypropyl cellulose ethers having molecular weights of about 1, and 60, respectively.

There are two methods for the determination of alcoholic contents. More preferably, the viscosifiers produce viscosities of about 50 to about cps in the final compositions. Introduction Method I must be used for the determination of on, unless otherwise specified in individual monograph. From an antimicrobial standpoint, n-propyl alcohol is better than isopropyl alcohol, which in turn is better than ethyl alcohol.