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We shall be indulgent only then, when our Continent will be free, when the last atlantist will xleksandar dropped into Salt Waters, in the elements symbolically belonging to the Egyptian god with the Crocodile face. He wrote the programme and everyone copied it.

Eurasist national-bolsheviks undoubtedly were also among the Russians, and the circumstance is ossnove, that Lenin itself during the emigration aspired to be pulled together to German politics and financiers; moreover, many of his theses were rather frankly germanophile. But Andropov well understood that at any stage of perestroyka the eurasists could try to take revenge, to throw off the atlantists from KGB and Politburo and to lead the country according to an eurasian policy.

The reason why Dugin makes this purely rhetorical sidestep is to propose a desired outcome and incite his readers to work towards it. Jedini izlaz iz njihove krize je rat! The pact Ribbentropp-Molotov was the summit of strategic success for the eurasists. Even the beginning of the true choice stands far beyond the border of exterior political ideologies, beyond the border of the relative dividing between democrats, fascists and communists.

All of you are misguided. Kao David protiv Golijata. Nego da geeopolitike kao inicijatori. Soko, ponekad i ovan Ariestradicionalno su smatrani za simbole Hvarena. Replacing him, also Ustinov entered this body, though we must notice that the chiefs of KGB – Andropov, and later also his heir Chernikov – were members of the Politburo since The quote is from pg. To consider any of these Orders as an historical accident means to deny qleksandar the secret logics of human and cosmic cycles.

aleksandar dugin osnovi geopolitike pdf

Despite his dissents with Berya, Khrushev leaned on KGB and at a definite time made the finalopposite to the choice of Lenin and Stalin. Probably, Kryuchkov had stipulated some conditions also for his organization, as in case of a rigorous military eurasist regime the KGB structures of course would be erased – at least, in their old, party-terrorist, mondialist and atlantist kind.


Srbija mora da probudi Rusiju! The defeat of Telurocracy is only temporary. Surely, the author of this quote, as we shall see in the following, would not disagree, because this is what he really meant hiding behind academic lingo. Pomorska sila nastoji da ne dopusti Rusiji prilaz tim toplim morima i zatvara je na hladnom severoistoku. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

You believe in false conspiracy theorys, instead of true conspiracy theorys.

Of the three brezhnevian chiefs of the General Staff – Zakharov, Kulikov, Ogarkov aleksajdar three convinced eurasists — the brightest was Ogarkov, an ingenious connoisseur of masking, many times strategically fooling both external and internal atlantists. The atlantic authors of the anti-imperial project of perestroyka resorted in this case to a traditional method – the creation of a pseudo-opposition, i.

The method of geopolitics is therefore, in quite Hegelian terms, its history; it cannot be observed outside of the development of the reality it reflects. All traditional religious and metaphysical doctrines describe the End of Times, the end of the cycle as the Last Battle, as the Final battle.

EndkampfLast Battle should burst very soon.

geopoolitike And at this time KGB detachments arranged the atlantist revolutions in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, staged the show of repression in Romania, broke the Berlin wall, betraid Honecker, threw off Zhivkov, helped the separatists in the Baltic Republics and Caucasus, and as a culmination of their atlantist triumph, prepared djgin theatrical putsch in August !

Sve zavisi od Moskve. Are you ready, wise strategists of GRU? It is Alexander Dugin, the man who turned hiding what he really.

Rezultat sam pada u ruke. In both cases, the defeat of Telurocracy is taken as the irrevocable and final. Jer, Turska koja je priznala Kosmet, ima Geopolitoke. The Land and the Sea expand their primordial conflict onto the whole world. In Khrushev dismisses from authority the powerful and extremely popular eurasian marshall Zhukov.


Agents of the inner Continent are awake. David Golstucker who, as it is known, was a relevant figure not only in Israeli special services, but also directly in special services of anglo-saxon countries this on the whole reminds of a situation characteristic also for Soviet KGBelaborated together with Yakovlev the atlantist strategy of the future perestroyka.

The Fourth Political Theory | beyond left and right but against the center

Geography and space in geopolitics serve the same function that money and means of production serve in Marxism and Liberalism — all fundamental aspects of human being are reduced to them, they are the geopolitikke method aleksandzr explaining the past, the main factors of human being, around which all other aspects of existence are being organized.

It was a victory of the Army over KGB. Konev, Sokolovskiy, Timoshenko, Grechko try to defeat Khrushev at any cost. But almost no one bothered to do that, because the above explanations can satisfy the average alt media consumer. Therefore the network of Atlantic agents in the states of Alksandar not only pursued a defensive goal weakening the alternative geopolitical forcebut also supposed offensive operations.

Geopolitics and the secret forces of history. He was constantly repeating the same mysterious sentence: I islam nam je u tome saveznik. It was an indispensable compromise. This obviously means that at least in some sense geopolitics has to aleosandar accessible to the masses.

I to vrlo ozbiljnom ratu iz nekoliko razloga. Vi imate svetsku, istorisku misiju!! But at the last moment the Oceanic forces overcame. SAD prekraja granice po svetu, u Evropi. The whole planet is being pervaded by ddugin identical liberal-democratic system. By following this logic, we can assume that media outlets pervaded by the geopolitical outlook would be the most ideologically driven and dumbed down oracles of public opinion yet hatched by postmodern power politics.