In this case the brain is the long-established Alesis DM5 drum module, which has 12 analogue trigger inputs, so cost has been saved by not having to design. Find great deals on eBay for Alesis DM5 in Electronic Musical Drum Machines. Shop with confidence. Buy Alesis DM5 bit Drum Module: Electronic Drums – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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As far as pocket-friendly electronic set-ups are concerned, the DM5 Pro makes a very convincing argument.

Alesis DM5

It certainly feels more sophisticated than the standard DM5 and, particlarly if you’re after a aleesis kit, it’ll make for a great partner. Still employing the trusty DM5 brain, this kit features a more impressive rack and pads. A simple flat, square design, it did the job but with little sense of style. And while the Pro rack is still very straightforward, it looks and performs better than the original. The use of reinforcing arms that run between the curved bar and feet uprights also increases stability over aelsis standard DM5 kit.

The Pro does away with the slightly cumbersome middle and bottom rack bars of its older sibling on which the bass drum pad and pedal were mountedand this again improves the sleekness of the set-up. You definitely need to mount the kit on a carpet or similar to prevent bass drum creep, but the whole thing is much more professional.


The feeling remains, however, that this is a set-up designed to be set and stay put, rather than be transferred regularly between venues. While the rack is one of the important upgrades of the DM5 Pro, the pads that hang from it are another even more compelling reason to check out the kit. The originals were simple rubber slab affairs – perfectly well-made and capable within their limits, but not the most rewarding things to play, naturally.

Alesis DM5 Pro Electronic Drum Kit review | MusicRadar

Instead what we have are pads with plastic heads, that are otherwise similar to mesh head types. But we like the tactility of the pads. The cymbal pads are also changed for the Pro. The hi-hat is a budget solution – a straightforward cymbal pad allied to a plastic pedal, but it performs as well as any of these entry-level types do.

You obviously lose a great deal of subtlety with such things, but given the tasks to which the DM5 Pro is likely to be put, this is no real drawback. At the heart of the set-up remains the venerable DM5 module. Having said aless, it still holds its own in this rig. With 21 kits on offer here comprising a total of odd soundsand simple editing, the brain will not bog you down with endless options.

Alesis DM5: Drums | eBay

Neither will it confuse with pages of parameters to fiddle with. Sure, other, much newer modules leave it in the dust as far as realistic acoustic sounds and editing depth, but anything that is delivering significantly more than the DM5 will also set you back accordingly.


Where the unit scores extremely well is in its ease of operation. Hooked up to an external hardware sampler that is filled with your own sounds, the DM5 Pro might well come into its own in dm way that the standard DM5 kit never quite did.

Our Verdict As far as pocket-friendly electronic set-ups are concerned, the DM5 Pro makes a very convincing argument.

dj5 Pros Good price for improved product. Image 1 of 7 A definite step up from the original, the new DM5 rack features a curved front bar for better ergonomics. Image 2 of 7 The DM5 module remains the heart of the system.

Image 4 of 7 The feel of the pads under the stick is extremely positive. Image 5 of 7 The hi-hat is a basic cymbal pad allied to a plastic pedal. Image 6 of 7 The new bass drum pad is another fine upgrade for the DM5 Pro.

But take precautions to ensure it stays put. Image 7 of 7 The updated cymbal pads are simple, bell-shaped units and are perfectly playable.