Ever heard of Russia’s healing pyramids? They are the work of Dr. Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian scientist who claims that they have the power. Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD. has been doing Russian pyramid research in the former Soviet Union since This research involved the construction of over. Alexander Golod is a Vice President in CBRE’s Midtown office specializing in lease acquisitions and dispositions, lease auditing and strategic development, the.

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If using any of Russia Beyond’s content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. Log In With social network: Log in Privacy Policy To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

To use social login you have to agree with the storage goldo handling of your data by this website. Golod’s research has been done whilst coordinating a team of scientists. They say it happened right after a shamanistic ritual ended in the pyramid.

I was amazed ggolod I read Dr. The babies given ordinary glucose solution were just as likely to die as before. The only tragic part of the story was that no mainstream academic journal would publish their results, despite the meticulous care they took in using the strictest scientific protocols.

What do you think? Between the end of and the beginning ofthis result was duplicated forty times in the same pyramid, with different rocks each time. Alexander Golod is a Ukrainian former defense contractor and current alfxander and alternative healer, focusing on pyramid research. Nosik were studying a naturally occurring virusfighting compound in human beings called venoglobulin.

VIDEO | 44 Meter Tall ‘Golod Pyramid’ in Moscow Has Collapsed Down – Slavorum

When this drug was diluted into a concentration of fifty micrograms per milliliter and stored in a pyramid for a short time, apparently just a few days, it became approximately three times more effective at fighting viruses.


Golod also found that the oil was much cleaner. In their hospital ward, they routinely had to treat premature babies with grave medical problems, who were only given days to live. He believes that alexandrr ancient Egyptians had knowledge of this power and that it was the motivation, at least in part, for their building the Great Pyramids of Giza. Many believe the pyramids are simply a tourist gimmick. Get the week’s best stories straight to your inbox.

Golod has constructed over twenty pyramids across Russia and former Soviet satellites out of fiberglass and other materials. Egorova also fed pyramid water to mice that had been given nasty carcinogens that would almost certainly give them massive alrxander tumors. There is no scientific consensus on the plausibility of Golod’s research. Golod and his family live near one of the pyramids he has constructed.

Famous Moscow Pyramid destroyed by storm – Russia Beyond

He has theorized that pyramid structures have energy forces that bring several benefits, for both man and the environment. The Pyramid of Life Web site explains how much attention these pyramids have generated—on an international level. Moscow thunderstorms Folod using any of Russia Beyond’s content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the alexahder material. Just before it was razed to the ground shamans held a spiritual rite inside. One structure that failed to survive the storm was the famous pyramid built by Alexander Golod, which was destroyed in seconds.

By administering only one milliliter of this solution to twenty different premature aoexander who were almost certainly going to die, every single one of them enjoyed a complete recovery. The only difference was that one group of mice was kept in the pyramid, and the other group was not.


Click here to find out more. Rather than using any known medicine, they took a simple placebo sample of 40 percent glucose in distilled water, and stored it in the pyramid.

Alexander Golod

It was built back in A bolod of tourists have claimed they experienced positive results after visiting the pyramid. They have been standing there all along, waiting to be inherited—but it was only in our ignorance that we did not recognize such an advanced technology when we saw it.

The shocking part is the video was captured in exact moment when the whole pyramid collapsed down. There are also a number of tourists who do not share the same enthusiasm as others, claiming that they experienced no changes whatsoever from exposure to the pyramid.

Famous Moscow Pyramid destroyed by storm

Seventeen pyramids had been constructed byin eight different sites within Russia and the Ukraine, and by summer of alecander, more than fifty pyramids have been built worldwide, with the majority still in Russia and the Ukraine. Monks from Japan, Korea and Tibet got interested in the Russian pyramid; they consider it to be the ideal place, meaning the space inside and around it.

Thankfully, multiple teams of accredited, mainstream Russian scientists did the work for us. More exciting stories and videos on Russia Aalexander Facebook page.

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