Official Map from the Friends of Algonquin Park. $ The official Friends of Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map. It is presented in a simple to understand for . There are over kms of canoe routes and hundreds of lakes and waterways, and it’s all Below is a sampling of 3 to 5 day canoe trips, complete with a map. There are several good Algonquin Park maps – especially for canoe trips into Algonquin’s back country. If you are going on an Algonquin canoe trip, the best.

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Campsites, portages and canoe route possibilities throughout the park are shown.

Portages are game changersmaking some canoe routes harder than others. For more details on this map and the entire Backroad Mapbook series, visit backroadmapbooks.

For most parties we consider 6 to 8 hours from the time you leave your morning rouhes till you arrive at your next site a full day lunch and swim breaks included. The following information was kindly provided by J.

This map is printed on paper and is not waterproof.

Please report any unexpected results, calculation errors, and anything par, seems to be wrong. Great first time trips. There was an error with the Route Finder Area calculation. It is difficult to give specific route advice without knowing whether you have a park map and what previous experience you have in Algonquin Park or similar areas.

This map contains inaccuracies.

Algonquin Park

You must be logged in to rate algpnquin. Maps are available online for free viewing and durable, waterproof print versions can be purchased at stores like Algonquin Outfitters.

We suggest making camping permit reservations before making equipment reservations. Do not select the Affiliate ID option if you will be posting the link on a website that does not allow commercial posting.


Javascript is not enabled on your browser. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please use a Javascript enabled browser. If you want a reply and are not signed in, please include your email address.

Because of the extensive resources and time necessary to perform this calculation, the limits for this tool are:. After all, this is your vacation. If the map changes in any way after displaying this link, you must press “Update Links” above to refresh the link before copying it.

Because either you have it selected in the settings or the normal method took too long to calculate, this route was calculated using the bidirectional method.

To check campsite availability in advance of making a reservation or get route advice, call the Algonquin Park information line at Route Finder Area Settings. First Time on the Maps? You can order the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map along with guide books and many other useful park publications on-line at www. Along with campsites and portages, hiking trails, canoe routes and points of interest are marked. Please enable javascript or use a javascript-enabled browser. A large part of Algonquin Park is shown in very good resolution.

Different areas of the park are described and mapped so that you can put your own trip together. We want to make it easy. Since it is still in development, it does not work perfectly.

In addition to the regular Route Finder settings, these settings affect the route finder area calculation. Like the Canoe Routes Map, this waterproof planning map shows the entire park but offers the added detail of contour lines and colour relief shading.

They will want to know where you intend to camp each night of your trip. You can make reservation up to 5 months ahead of your trip. Be sure to visit his www. Planning your gear is critical. Please check the route to make sure it makes sense.


This web page does not perform well with Internet Explorer 8 and below. We consider Algonquin Adventures to be the most comprehensive unofficial Algonquin site.

Your journey is going to include portages which are a part of every route in the Park.

Maps – Algonquin Outfitters – Your Outdoor Adventure Store

The last route you tried to calculate will be included automatically in the report. Interactive Map You must login to upload photos. You can order the Backpacking Trails Map along with guide books and many other useful park publications online from the Algonquin Park Book Store. Include Algonquib Static Map can’t change. This is a “Map Enthusiast” feature. This is still something we are experimenting with, but it was so much fun ppark strangely addicting that we thought we’d share what we have so far.

The weather can affect your travel time; the wind can be friend or foe. We highly recommend these wonderfully detailed, waterproof maps for in-depth route planning and for navigational purposes on a canoe trip. Algonquin 5 covers the area accessed through access point 17, Shall Lake. The calculation is performed using the first point on the route points list and the settings below. Where should I go? Reservations for Algonquin Park interior trips can be made by calling toll free: The park permit reservation system has been centralized for all provincial parks in Ontario.