Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh, the Old One. It is , and because of. Summary. “A new book from Choy is an event. His writing has a quiet integrity and an exquisite grace.”–Maclean’s Winner of the Trillium Book Award. All that matters by wayson choy. NATASHA LEMIRE-WAITE. Vancouver Chinatown ‘s – 40’s. Immigrating to Canada. Kiam-Kims.

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Feb 11, Monty rated it liked it.

As in reading The Jade Peony, many memories resurfaced of living in the Vancouver area and spending much time in Wason. It is interesting to me to notice that lately I am reading, not as a generic reader as I have always done, but as a developmental psychologist and especially with my eye on the theme of attachment.

Paperbackpages. In response, the ship blew its horn again. Ancient tradition, modern troubles, racial tension, and the struggles of immigrants to mxtters into a new culture.

Kiam-Kim wonders, “What world would we fight for?

Book review: Wayson Choy’s *All That Matters*

This leaves the reader wondering how something so powerful could be so easily dismissed, particularly by one so young. It was a little confusing. Apart from this stuff of attachment, the book was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting.

Although they Choy’s delicate prose and lyrical approach to his follow-up novel to The Jade Peony is gently intoxicating and completely enveloping. It also gives a vibrant mattets of life in Chinatown in Vancouver in those matterrs, or what I imagine it would have been.


I wonder maters that will ever stop? Told with eloquence and pride, this book was truly a pleasure to read. The wailing finally reached my ears. Ship and train were racing to reach the same point of land. Father said, “Just the train coming to a stop, Kiam-Kim. Third Uncle was not my father’s brother. The Meiying storyline is the only one that the author didn’t develop fully.

Aug 06, Janice Montgomery rated it it was amazing. Also, I am Korean while the mattfrs and his family are Chinese. In less than a month, five tthat his Chinatown associates had died, two from heart attacks, two from the coughing sickness, and one from a stomach jatters. What I enjoyed was to notice the imp It is interesting to me to notice that lately I am reading, not as a generic reader as I have always done, but as a developmental psychologist and especially with my eye on the theme of attachment.

I think I kind of went into the story expecting so much from the first ,atters. I really enjoyed this book Summary “A new book from Choy is an event. He maters pulled in both directions while he works to find a comfortable medium. I did finish the book and it was a great way to tie up threads and see another side of the Chen family.

From his earliest years, Kiam-Kim is deeply conscious of his responsibility to maintain the family’s honor and to set an example for his younger siblings. He describes Vancouver’s Chinatown in the early 20th century from the inside. I was aided by modern technologies and more open-minded people.

All at once, the world grew more immense and even stranger than I could ever have imagined; I ducked my head to one side and burrowed blindly into Poh-Poh’s jacket. The black line turned into freight cars headed towards the city’s row of warehouses and jutting docks. Pages to import images to Wikidata. It isand because matetrs famine and civil war in Chinathey have left their village in Toishan province to become the new family of Third Uncle, a wealthy businessman whose own wife and son are dead.


All That Matters

I did not find the writing especially beautiful, though. Writing from the viewpoint of akl young son Kiam-Kim as he grows is a perfect choice for Choy. A wrinkled hand shakily held on to my shoulder. Choy also does a masterful job of balancing the stories told in each novel against each other: Author of the Jade Peony, this novel is apparently a sequel. Feb 06, Rand Zacharias rated it really thaf it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I was not disappointed. I wanted this to expand on the first a little bit more than it did. Poh-Poh seeks to escape her past as a child slave while reminding her family to remain Chinese. He consulted Chinatown’s Madame Jing, who set up her fortune-telling table in Mattwrs Alley and had known him since he first arrived in Gold Mountain. It was a bit like my own story of growing up I particularly like Al literature and even like Asian-Canadian literature more, perhaps because of my years on the west coast.

The struggle of old vs. Nov 11, Elaine Conte rated it really liked it.