Dutchman is a play written by African-American playwright Amiri Baraka, then known as LeRoi The play’s title evokes images of Dutch ships that carried slaves across the Atlantic. The subway car itself, endlessly traveling the same course. Dutchman. Amiri Baraka. CHARACTERS. CLAY .. Your grandfather was a slave, he didn’t go to Harvard. CLAY My grandfather was a night watchman. ~. Amiri Baraka, born Leroi Jones in , is a poet, playwright, novelist, critic, and politcal activist. Best known for his highly acclaimed, award-winning play.

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As for form, the surrealist nature of the two plays makes them almost unreadable. The pay off is worth it though.

What Baraka then LeRoi Jones did was scare the pants off everybody. And then, maybe one day, you’ll find they actual do understand exactly what you are talking about, all the fantasy people. Dutchman and the Slave. That same year his second book of jazz criticism, Black Music, came out, a collection of previously published music journalism, including the seminal Apple Cores columns from Down Beat magazine.

Dutchman & The Slave

Dutchman shows the tense relationship between white and black society. Seems to be out of print and I would like to get my hands on a copy It’s about Christianity and how the good God Dutcyman Christians were drowning themselves in sin by the form of hurtful stereotype and prejudice.

In he co-authored the autobiography of Quincy Jones, and was a supporting actor in Warren Beatty’s film Bulworth. She tells Clay to invite her out to the party he is going to. Lula represents white Americans dutfhman Clay, Afro-Americans who know they deserve equal rights.


Dutchman & The Slave by Amiri Baraka

Dec 18, Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: Any major social or political force ignores or discounts women at its own peril. An interesting couple of plays by a controversial playwright. In Baraka became a full professor at Rutgers University, but was subsequently denied tenure. Brad and Grace’s deaths seem to be inevitable, but the final excision of Walker’s past comes with his children.

Jan 29, Eileen Ying rated it really liked it.

In the not too distant future, the battlefields of the dutcmhan civil rights struggles will not look the same, nor the weapons used. I also remember thinking that not all “white” people were monsters. This was, of course, a very real fear of people during the s when the play was written. Lula sits down next to Abraka. Jul 26, Kasi rated it it was amazing. Not only does it have a schizophrenic feel, but it left me and I’m sure others as well at a loss.

It takes place in the future.

That there might be anger–even rage– at years of mistreatment underlying Black consciousness was a concept that was anathema to white America and frankly, to a large portion of black America too. Books by Amiri Baraka.

Dutchman (play) – Wikipedia

Amiri Baraka, born Leroi Jones inis a poet, playwright, novelist, critic, and politcal activist. Books and Writers kirjasto. Boldly radical and fiercely truthful! I did the lighting for the piece during its Philadelphia premiere at Society Hill Playhouse. Who is also literally drunk. Mar 18, Marc Kohlman rated it liked it. It’s a discussion of the black male experience in the ‘s. There is more to this play than what is written.


Review of The Slave Once more, I feel as if this play would be very powerful if I saw it performed live, but just reading it leaves a lot to be desired.

I was crying out against three hundred spave of oppression; not against individuals. I can see why Grace left that racist ignorant son-of-a-bitch in the first place. In the closing scene, Lula—by now it’s clear that she’s an agent of the white power structure—proceeds to seek out her next victim.

Even though Walker is a murderer, he is still clearly a victim in this play, since the need for violent racial war could only arise out of decades of oppression without relief. And on that day, as sure as shit, when you really believe you can ‘accept’ them into your fold, as half-white trusties late of the subject peoples.

In a black president, love him or hate him, is serving his second term. It’s treatment of the main female character can feel stilted and one dimensional at times.