m’s «Nonsense upon Stilts» hitherto known as. «Anarchical fallacies» ( ). Main target: Bentham, Anarchical Fallacies THE WORKS OF JEREMY. Saint Jeremy Bentham was an English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer. He became a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. Anarchical Fallacies; being an examination of the. Declaration of Rights issued during the French Revolution by Jeremy Bentham. Preliminary Observations.

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Now, suppose it a settled rule that no such work shall be begun to be drawn up till a benthm of its being immediately taken into consideration in the legislative assembly and ultimately adopted has presented itself,—what is the consequence?

Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. If the decision given, being a decision by which a man is subjected to punishment, be conformable to apparent justice,—in other words, if jeremu universal persuasion, the persuasion entertained by everybody to whose notice this case presents itself, is that the man was guilty,—in such case, though by the supposition the decision is contrary to real justice, and though, in virtue of the suffering of the party punished, mischief of the first order is produced, yet the mischief remains barren; no mischief of the second order, benthqm alarm, is, by flalacies very supposition, produced by it.

The procedure code, in so far as it is clear it bentuam to be, has for its purpose, and end, and occupation, two things: For a female-chastity-securing code,—a committee of twelve ladies-procuresses. Of these, the main and positive end is the infliction of the punishment in question, including the administering of the several species of satisfaction attached to the lot of punishment in question, in the cases where mixed species of satisfaction respectively have place.

Anarchical Fallacies by Jeremy Bentham

On the contrary, the consequence, and only consequence of it, consists in a real and positive convenience, since a portion of delay, to the amount of a day, is saved. Application is the act of a party—the party-pursuer—requiring jerrmy, execution and effect, to be ieremy to some article of the body of the law.

True it is, that in this case, as in that of giving execution to the law, the proper answer to the question, whether to obtain the alleged evidence, or to leave it unobtained, will depend upon the ratio of the lot of evil to the lot of good—the evil in the shape of delay, vexation, and expense, from the elicitation of the evidence,—and the good from its conduciveness to right decision, in other words, the security it affords against deceit and mendacity, by either of which execution and effect would be prevented from being given to the law.


In regard to the number of suits, that the number of lawyer-profit-yielding suits, sincere and insincere, be maximized: One is from Sir Alexander Johnston, the distinguished Chief-Justice of the Island of Ceylon; the other from a highly valued friend of the Author, who is now in India; I have not therefore been able to ask his permission to publish his name.

The words can scarcely be said to have a meaning: Middle-agency-sparing, is the name given to this rule. Other hands, still more obsequious, could he have found them, would of course have been employed by him in preference; but no such Edition: It may be such either—1.

Of this system, the pretended ends would of course always be or at least have been, and on inquiry would be now the ends of justice,—the ends of justice as above enumerated: As to the provision annarchical fine or other punishment for vexatious pursuit or defence, if security in that shape were not provided, observe the evils that would ensue. Instruments of probation are personal, real, or written.

But it is only good or evil of jegemy first order that constitutes the effect produced by real justice: The only end of the English system that is ever brought to view, is—the keeping up the customs commenced in the darkest ages.

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Jeremy Bentham, Anarchical Fallacies (), excerpt

Irreparable evil may be produced—1. What is manifest is—that to no person, other than the individual himself, can it be known whether, in his instance, between an evil sustained, and a benefit received on account of it, any compensation have place or not. In every political community as yet in existence, widely different from the only proper, have been as yet the actual ends of judicature.

Functionaries are, as above, either—1.

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These inconveniences, considered in respect of their origin, may be termed by one general anarchucal common appellation, juridical or legal vexation.

Probation requires in like manner to be distinguished and divided into provisional and definitive: To that judicatory, from application to which, the aggregate convenience of the several parties may most effectually be promoted and provided for.

Correspondent to probation—the operation—the fictitious, is probator, the really existing entity.

In looking over the same list again in another point of view, another remark that may be made is, that in some of the instances the result thus given as mischievous is mischievous in its own nature. But in the opposite case, i. Tax for vexatious pursuit: At the same time, while without, and to an even universally-indefinite extent against any such intention, this mass of hardship is aarchical this shape productive fallaccies good effects; in another shape it is to an unmeasurable extent productive of evil effects.


The paper on Account Taking Judicatories was intended by the Author to be attached to the Procedure Code; although it partly belongs to the Constitutional Code.

Of the substantive branch of the law, the only defensible object or end in view, is the maximization of the happiness of the greatest number of the members of the community in question. Probationary lawyers, serving in this Edition: The end in view of every political association is the preservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man.

In the here proposed system, styled the natural, he will see the course prescribed by common experience and common sense. And though the existence of the real entity, an operator, is precedent, where it is not concomitant to the quasi-existence of the fictitious entity designated by the word operation, —yet for developing the idea designated on this occasion by the word operation, and bringing to view the several sorts of actions, it was found to claim, by an indisputable title, the precedence.

Precipitation is considered as taking place, when in any part, anything is supposed to be struck off or defalcated, from the supposed necessary length of time. In regard to the number of suits, what the proper ends require is, that the number of sincere suits, and applications that are not rash, be maximized; that of insincere suits and applications minimized. By execution, understand as well reciprocal, as direct: But this rhetorical nonsense ends in the old strain of mischievous nonsense for immediately a list of these pretended natural rights is given, and those are so expressed as to present to view legal rights.

The renowned humanitarian was made a citizen of France by the National Assembly in Paris. Correspondent to operations are instruments.