Émile Armand was an influential French individualist anarchist at the beginning of the 20th .. Xavier Diez. El anarquismo individualista en España (–). El anarquismo individualista en España (–. ). Virus editorial. tore and Emile Armand and of the related phenomenon of ille- galism. Anarquismo Individualista, El – Lo Que Es, Puede Y Vale by Emile Armand, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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La vida es bella para el anarquista. L’Unique went from to with a total of numbers.

I feel myself to be a slave as long as I consent to others judging my passions. Armand describe, de manera recurrente, lo que un buen anarquista individualista considera que es bueno y lo que es malo.

The State — the laic form of the Church — has replaced the Church which was the religious form of the State — but the aim of both has always been to form, not free beings, but true believers or perfect citizens.

Open Preview See a Problem? Trivia About Individualist Ana Carlos rated it really liked it Nov 30, Want to Read saving…. Paperbackpages.

El anarquismo individualista: Lo que es, puede y vale by Émile Armand

These principles he sought anarquiismo apply within the social experimental spaces, events and communes that anarchist groups in the France of the time called milieux libres. We want to find happiness wherever it is possible, thanks to our potential as seekers, discoverers, realizers. So I recommend this book not only to those ones who want to learn more on anarchism or feel part of this philosophy yes, philosophybut also to those ones who are curious, want to discover other ways to live and experience life and above all, qrmand want to fight to be free.


In he published the book Qu’est-ce qu’un anarchiste.

From the influence of Max Stirner he embraces egoistical denial of social conventions, dogmas and accords in order to live in accord to one’s own ways and desires in daily life since he emphasized anarchism as a way of life and practice. This led him allocate more and more space to what he called “the sexual non-conformists”, while excluding physical violence.

No one has the right to judge your way of conducting yourself, even if it were the case that your friend’s wife be hostile to these relations.

In economics he says that the individualist anarchist “inwardly he remains refractory — fatally refractory — morally, intellectually, economically The capitalist economy and the directed economy, the speculators and the fabricators of single are equally repugnant to him. The happiness of living!

Return to Book Page. Our individualism is a creator of happiness, in us and outside of us.

Émile Armand – Wikipedia

He also maintained a fluid contact with important individualist anarchists of the time such as the American Benjamin Tucker and the French Han Ryner. In he married Denise Rougeault who helped him financially and with this he was able to concentrate on his activism. In this way he manifests “So the anarchist individualist tends to reproduce himself, to perpetuate his spirit in other individuals who will share his views and who will make it possible for a state of affairs to be established from which authoritarianism has been banished.


Armand liked to emphasize the difference that his individualist anarchism has with the social anarchist currents. He also supported the right of individuals to change sex and stated his willingness to rehabilitate forbidden pleasures, non-conformist caresses he was personally inclined toward voyeurismas anaqruismo as sodomy.

Émile Armand

En este punto, es posible que lo libertario se vuelva totalitario. Life armmand beautiful for whoever goes beyond the borders of conventional existence, whoever evades the hell of industrialism and commercialism, whoever rejects the stink of the alleys and taverns. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It may seem extremely dangerous to think different, but it is definitely the best decision a human being can take in life.

He was a son of a participant of the Paris Commune. Mihail Andreevici rated it really liked it Nov 26, If you are, then ignore the comments and insults of others and carry on following your own path.

John Jascob rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Anarchism is the most beautiful way of thought and action I have ever known, it is, indeed, the essence of my soul as a free being: