This page provides information on Andasol-1, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and. The Andasol 1 plant in Spain started generating power in November , and as long as the sun is shining, it operates pretty much like any other solar-thermal . The first parabolic trough power plants in Europe – the world’s largest solar power plants: Andasol 1 to 3. Regulatory framework in Spain. Project partners. 4. 8.

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Andasol consists of 3 projects: Marquesado Solar SL is the investor consortium which is going to commission and operate Andasol 3.

Sunlight strikes some sort of solar collector — in this case, a field of parabolic-trough mirrors focused on tubes filled with oil, which warms to more than degrees Farenheit degrees Celsius. That salt is pumped into the heat exchanger, where it picks up heat from the oil. As in conventional power stations, this steam is then used to drive a turbine that — linked to a generator — then generates electrical power.

The Andasol solar power station is a megawatt MW concentrated solar andsaol station and Europe’s first commercial plant to use parabolic troughs. Solar energy in the European Union. In this process, temperatures substantially in excess of degrees Celsius are developed on their surface. Sand is another potential heat-storage material. At the present time, Andasol 1 is the largest solar power station in the world.

Views Read Edit View history. Development of the actual collector technology was aided by the DLR taking a leading role in several projects sponsored by the German Environment Ministry. News Archive until A parabolic trough solar collector system can warm tubes of oil to tremendous temperatures.

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There, it transfers its heat to the oil that will generate steam. In addition, their measuring methods contributed towards the precision design of the parabolic trough collectors. Most power plants vaporize less water typically less than 2. News Archives until Precision mirrors boost cost-effectiveness Power from concentrated solar energy Andasol 1 is a solar-thermal power station and what is known as a parabolic trough power station.

When setting up this system, it is also possible to use high-speed optical measuring processes developed by the DLR for precision production control of the parabolic collectors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Andasol Solar Power Station

Other solar power stations already at the planning stage As well as Andasol 1, the first commercially operated power station of its kind, plans are well underway for a further two solar power station at the same location.

Precision boosts energy yield levels Parabolic troughs are constantly directed to face andawol sun When setting up this system, it is also possible aneasol use high-speed optical measuring andaskl developed by the DLR for precision production control of the parabolic collectors.

Andasol 3, also with a 50 MW rating, is expected to follow in the course of In the course of this year, Andasol 2 is scheduled to come on stream, also rated for a capacity of 50 megawatts. Andasol Solar Power Station. This oil is heated to almost degrees, and the collected heat is then directed to a thermal transfer unit in zndasol steam is generated at high temperature and pressure.

This process almost doubles the number of operational hours at the solar thermal power plant per year. Spain portal Sustainable development portal Renewable energy portal. The extra heated oil is sent to a heat exchanger running between giant vats of molten salt.



The Andasol 1 plant in Spain started generating power in Novemberand as long as the sun is shining, it operates pretty much like any other solar-thermal power plant. Andasol has a thermal storage system which absorbs part of the heat produced in the solar field during the day. Here, two giant tanks, measuring 14 metres in height and 36 metres in diameter, are used to store surplus energy during the midday period using liquid salt.

As Andasol is built in the warm middle of the south of Spain, every Andasol unit vaporizes This makes it possible to cut annual emissions of carbon dioxide by tons.

Retrieved from ” https: It uses sunlight to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which are then put back together in a fuel cell. Send article to a friend Print. Like every power plant with a thermal engine, cooling is needed for the working fluid.

Andasol Solar Power Station – Wikipedia

These mirrors have a total surface area in excess of square metres. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s only when the sun isn’t shining that the storage system affects power generation.

Climate-compatible power for people Andasol 1 delivers climate-compatible power for people. Andasol 1 delivers climate-compatible power for people. Andasol-1 [1] completedAndasol-2 [7] completed and Andasol-3 [8] completed