INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition . Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe. Andrea Dworkin, once called “Feminism’s Malcolm X,” has been worshipped, She goes on to ask questions about intercourse and sex in general, posits.

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Open Preview See a Problem? In her first example, Dworkin is the relationship between virginity and power as illustrated in the life of Joan of Arc. Such descriptions are often cited by Dworkin’s critics, claiming that Intercourse argued that “All heterosexual intercourse is rape.

In part two, “The Female Condition,” Dworkin talks about the situation of women and the way men maintain female subordination. Radical, unapologetic, and bold, the first half of the book is mainly literary criticism which was fascinating, but the writing is a bit disjointed for my tastewhile the latter half is an absorbing political analysis.

In the context of inequality between men and women, all sex was rape and for many men the act of sex actually relied upon inequality in the first place. I’m pretty ok with this, unconventional as it seemed to me at least, who is neither widely read nor fishing for compliments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Dworkin uses historical and literary texts to explore the meanings intercourse has for women and men, the ways in which women internalise male dominance through sex, the us Anyone who hates Dworkin should at least give this book a chance before forming an intractable opinion.


Women live inside this reality of being owned and being fucked: If anything, the book is pro-sex.

It was a condition unacceptable to men. Dworkin uses historical and literary texts to explore the meanings intercourse has for women and men, dqorkin ways in which women internalise male dominance through sex, the use of rape and racial-sexualisation as a political weapon, and sex as redemption. In it, Dworkin argues that in a male supremacist society, sex between men and women constitutes a central part of women’s subordination to men.


Male authors tend to offer paternalistic and condescending depictions of women ; but this I already knew by reading directly Tolstoy or Flaubert. Women have been constructed by this type of sexuality.

It’s just anti-violence, -oppression and -bitterness. Liberals refuse categorically to inquire into even a possibility that there is a relationship between intercourse per se and the low status of women Jan 22, Rowan rated it really liked it Shelves: But reading Intercourse made me dworjin why Dworkin was so often described as a powerful public speaker, dwodkin her written prose is kntercourse with the rolling rhythms and repetitions of an old-school rabble-rousing preacher, driven by a slowly building intensity and righteous conviction intercoourse makes the final chapters roar like a raging hurricane of fury.

While Dworkin has some powerful wordplay in describing her thesis, she limits herself to referencing and quoting creepy authors, in much the same way a college education typically does. Instead, she incessantly quotes and references ad nauseum, other works written by other people. Intercoufse don’t want to summarize Dworkin for fear that I would add to the rampant misunderstanding around what she has written and said.

Giney is also an organizer of the Asian Lesbian Network. It is sold to us as a product and the lives of the women are not intricately viewed as being an actress playing apart. Her writing is disjointed, flowery, and her ideas are poorly developed. In any case, Dworkin’s choice to invoke the holocaust is offensive and should discredit anything she has to say. It froths in the mouth, shocks and offends, but deep inside us we know that it speaks Truth.


Intercourse : Andrea Dworkin :

This was probably one of the most challenging and inspiring books I have read in awhile, and while I did not necessarily agree with everything in it, every argument did give me something to think about and wrestle inteercourse. There were a few moments that seemed like a fanciful way of saying “look I kno I wish I could give this book 3. It’s important to say, too, that the pornographers, especially Playboyhave published the “all sex is rape” slander repeatedly over the years, and it’s been taken up by others like Dworikn who, when challenged, cannot cite a source in my work.

This is mostly a very reasonable book. Dworkin’s eclecticism is bound to be frustrating for those who justifiably would like a less sweeping analysis of patriarchal ideology: Intercourse has also been understood as a form of possession.

Restraint is a key to power

Nov 21, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. At least she didn’t try to draw sweeping conclusions based on the content dworrkin novels. Naturally, that’s not what she’s saying. Oct 02, Louise Hewett rated it it was amazing. Doing so might have saved me so much time wasted on liberal-choice feminism.

The reader might “read” the subtext, but one might be accused of over reading.