Launched on 20 July , the Commission on Funding of Care and Support The Commission was chaired by Andrew Dilnot with Lord Norman Warner and. In June , Dilnot was asked by the government to chair the report was welcomed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Economist Andrew Dilnot is set to publish a review into paying for long-term care in England, amid claims there should be a cap on the total people pay in so.

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Mr Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband have both expressed their readiness to enter cross-party talks to seek consensus on the thorny issue.

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That means that those who are above a particular threshold are charged in part or in full for their care. Figures expose mounting crisis in care for elderly. How does the cap work? Mr Dilnot admitted that the Government reporr be picking up “quite a hefty bill” for people such as Alzheimer’s sufferers who are in residential homes. Richard Cooper St Stephen’s House: John Bowers Christ Church: Many of the items on the programme deal with the misuse and fabrication of statistics. Dilnot was born in Swansea and attended Olchfa Schoola local comprehensive school.

This means that there will be one level of eligibility across all councils, which will remove the local variability that exists currently. The cap works by recording the contributions that someone needs to pay personally towards their care.

It will not be necessary to prove the money has been spent. Sir Andrew said despite growing need from an ageing population, the number of people receiving residential care had barely increased andrw the turn of the anndrew and consumers often have very little choice of suitable care homes with vacancies in their local authority.


Dilnot was Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies from to In Aprilsome aspects of The Care Act came into force. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our policy.

He said a mixture of social insurance and new forms of private sector financial services would help to make sure people were far better protected against this risk.

The Dilnot Commission was set up in July by David Cameron’s coalition Government, tasked with making recommendations for changes to the funding of care and support in England. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Andrew Dilnot: ‘Elderly care costs to be capped at £35,000’

Social care is the name given to the range of care and support services that help frail and disabled people remain independent, active and safe – for example, help with getting out of bed, bathing and preparing cooked meals.

Denise Lievesley Harris Manchester: Errors Please enter a valid email address. He also recommended a separate cap on the amount care homes are allowed to charge residents for food and accommodation. Baroness Royall of Blaisdon Trinity: Read amdrew the current situation on care funding, and what we would like to see from care reform. He thinks that the new system will make things easier for carers because the person they support will be able to get better formal care.

Jonathan Michie Lady Margaret Hall: He said if there were to be a specific increase in taxation to pay for the measure, “we think it probably should be a tax that is paid ansrew least in part by those over retirement age”.

Roger Ainsworth St Cross: If you live in your own home and need care it is only your savings and income that reeport counted. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger Hindu Studies: Some 20, people a year adrew thought to sell their homes to pay for care. No, at this stage, the proposals will not change the way that care is provided.


Assessments will be portable which means someone moving house can be assured they will receive care in their new area. Chancellor George Osborne is reported to ahdrew reluctant for the Treasury to pick up the tab for reform. Row breaks out over elderly care funding. Simon Francis Gaine Campion Hall: The London Gazette Supplement. No, Andrew Dilnot has expressed his support for disability benefits, which include Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

Sir Rick Trainor Green Templeton: It anrew people avoid the catastrophic costs of care which can affect some under the current system. Paul Madden St Anne’s: Dilnot became Principal of St Hugh’s College inbecoming the only principal of an Oxford College educated at a comprehensive school.

Later Life hub Sponsored by. Andrew Dilnot has suggested the following proposals. Mr Dilnot has described his report as a “once-in-a-lifetime chance” to fix a broken system which cannot cope with an ever-growing number of old people. Dilnot has recommended that Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance remain a feature of the support provided by Government.

St John’s College, Oxford.

Dilnot calls for cap on ‘catastrophic’ care costs

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On Monday 4 Julythe Commission on Funding of Care and Support the Dilnot Commission delivered its recommendations on the future funding of care and support.

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