English: The aim of the present study was to induce oestrus in postpartum anoestrus dairy cows after the application of two hormonal treatments. With this. Controle sobre GnRH durante o anestro pós-parto em bovinos A secreção do hormônio folículo estimulante (FSH) em vacas retorna aos padrões do ciclo. 18 jun. O seu uso é recomendado para melhorias na fixação e taxas de concepção de vacas em anestro pós-parto, face auxiliar na sincronia do estro.

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The animals were randomly allocated in three groups. Ovarian follicular wave synchronization and induction of ovulation in post-partum beef cows. Effects of nutrition and metabolic status on circulating hormones and ovarian follicle development in cattle. Chronic administration of recombinant ovine leptin in growing beef heifers: Os resultados do presente trabalho condizem com aqueles descritos por Aono et al. An update on cystic ovarian degeneration in cattle. Effect of age of calf on suckling behaviour and other behavioural activites of zebu and crossbred calves during restricted suckling periods.

A role for kisspeptins in the regulation of gonadotropin secretion in the mouse. Hormonal alterations in the lactating dairy cow in response to thermal stress.

Reproduction in Domestic Animalsv. In the second experiment, lactating Nelore cows were allocated to 3 groups.

Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing anestr remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. Nutritionaland suckling-mediated anovulation in beef cows J Anim Sci ; 81 Sup 2: Effect of steroids and 48 hr calf removal on serum luteinizing hormone concentrations in anestrous beef cows. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion into third-ventricle cerebrospinal fluid of cattle: GnRH control during bovine postpartum anestrous.


This review covers the influence of nutrition and suckling with emphasis on GnRH regulation, and provides up to date concepts of neuroendocrine control of GnRH secretion during postpartum in cattle. Cystic follicular disease in Michigan Holstein-Friesian xnestro In vitro secretion of prostaglandins from endometrium of postpartum beef cows expected to have short or normal luteal phases.

Molecular aspects of bovine cystic ovarian disease pathogenesis. Effect of increasing progesterone concentration from Day 3 of pregnancy on subsequent embryo survival and development in beef heifers. Services on Demand Journal.

Anestro posparto en ganado bovino en el trópico | Báez | Revista MVZ Córdoba

Pregnancy rates for Nelore and crossbred cows were, respectively, 7. Segundo DAS et al. Is there an FSH-releasing factor? Sn of pituitary cell function by adiponectin.

Postpartum nutrient intake and body condition: Pregnancy diagnosis was determined between 45 and 50 days post-insemination.

Concentrations of progesterone and oxytocin receptors in endometrium of postpartum cows expected o have a short or normal oestrus cycle.

Research needs in beef cattle reproduction. Pituitary receptors for GnRH and estradiol and pituitary content of gonadotropins in beef cows. Cows in estrus were inseminated with the am-pm and pm-am program. Reproductive clinicians should be attentive to these findings, as this ovarian condition not only increases the calving interval, but also significantly raises the risk of elimination of cows from the herd.


Assim, mais estudos precisam ser realizados, gerando novos conhecimentos e novas tecnologias para o incremento da produtividade dos rebanhos bovinos. Anesto of Animal Sciencev. The clinical anesrro of OFC and associated factors have changed due to the features of modern intensive systems, such as: Endocrine changes prior to ovulation in suckled and nonsuckled postpartum cows compared to cycling cows. Wn cysts in high-yielding dairy cows.

OFC incidence has risen with increasing milk production. Animal Reproduction Sciencev. Endocrine Reviewsv.

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Revista en OJS implementada por. Ovulation and reproductive hormones following steroid pretreatment, calf removal and GnRH in postpartum suckled beef cows.

Moreover, OFC are dynamic structures that may undergo regression and be replaced by new follicles, which later become OFC Hamilton et al Estrogen directly represses gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRH gene expression in estrogen receptor-? Endocrine and signalling role bacas adipose tissue: Evidence for maternal regulation of early conceptus growth and development in beef cattle. J Anesttro Fertil ;