This handbook is designed to be a useful collection of engineering and technical information on electrical and optical wire and cable and related products. Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Read more about conductor, cables, electrical, conductors, voltage and resistance. View Anixter Cable from ENG 1 at Tsinghua University. WIRE AND CABLE TECHNICAL INFORMATION HANDBOOK $ HARDBOUND $

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An insulation and jacketing curing process.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Filling compounds may require heating or mixing prior to filling. There are four basic construction types to choose from. It can include wire with a steel core, plated, or coated wire.

Tefzel is a thermoplastic material having excellent electrical properties, heat hsndbook, chemical resistance, toughness, radiation resistance, and flame resistance. Exposure to a vacuum should be limited to short time periods. These attributes include a 2. They are stainless steel tip and body and are virtually all multimode only.

They are available as roving and yarn for insulating applications and as rope for use as fillers. Fiber Optic Cables Minimum bending radius for fiber optic cable is ten times the cable diameter for multimode and informaton times the cable diameter for single mode.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

One type of two-way radio communication. Wheatstone measures resistance Kelvin measures low resistance Schering yechnical capacitance, dissipation factor, dielectric constant Wien measures capacitance, dissipation factor BYTE — Generally, an 8-bit quantity of information, used mainly in referring to parallel data transfer, semiconductor capacity, and data storage; also generally referred to in data communications as an octet or character.

A method of adding information to an electronic signal where the height amplitude of the wave is changed to convey the added information. The strands are wound side by side on the carrier bobbin and lie parallel in the finished braid. To convert in the reverse direction, divide by the factor given in the table.


Nonshielded and wire shielded, including wir with concentric wires a. The ST type connector is spring-loaded, which keeps the fibers and connector tips in physical contact PC inside the coupling sleeve.

Anister 9 Thermocouple Cable: The multiplying factors given for item E refer to the outside diameter of the duct. The neutral wire of the secondary distribution system is grounded. For pulling around bends, use conveyor sheave assemblies of the appropriate radius. Emissions refer to energy that is radiated by the infprmation that might affect the proper operation of a neighboring circuit or system.

A family of low smoke, low toxicity cable, constructed with a polyolefin jacket rather than a polyvinyl chloride jacket, conforms to rigid toxic and techical indexes to effectively reduce the hazards associated with PVC jacketed cables. Also used to describe devices which are designed to operate within this range.

Combinations—For combinations of the types described in items A, B and C, the highest factor for any component type shall be used. Stay clear of energized cable. This will cause an increase in attenuation.

Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook: Anixter: : Books

The attenuation is determined by launching a narrow spectral band of light into the full length of fiber and measuring the transmitted intensity. Type E Chromel vs Constantan may be used in oxidizing, inert or dry reducing atmospheres, or for short periods of time under vacuum.

The flame is applied to the sample for 15 seconds 5 times total 75 seconds with a minimum 15 seconds between flame applications or until burning ceases, whichever is longer. This category of wire is typically used as the permanent wiring in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Multimode, on the other hand, has a core diameter of 50, Flame retardant formulations are available, but they tend to have poorer electrical properties. An RS modem interface control signal sent from informatioj DTE to the modem on pin informattion which indicates that the DTE is ready for data transmission and which requests that the modem be connected to the telephone circuit. COATED WIRE — Any metal covered by a relatively thin coating of a different metal such as tin, zinc or other alloy by a dip bath and wipe process, often at high speeds in line with insulating equipment.


If the core is a single wire and if it and all of the outer strands have the same diameter, the first layer will contain six wires; the technixal, twelve; the third, eighteen; etc.

Cable Types and Selection Criteria 59 7. Common ones include Teflon, Tefzel, Kynar, and Halar. Referring to 4 the table, minimum conduit size would be 4 inches. This will assure that the material on the reel will not unwind techjical slip during shipping and handling operations.

The following sections provide information on some of the most frequently requested electrical parameters.

There are several versions informatiom. Because of its rubber-like characteristics, EPR is used in many highly flexible cables. It is highly resistant to corrosion from atmospheric moisture and condensation and exhibits high stability at low temperatures; it is the only type with limits of error guaranteed for cryogenic temperatures.

The most popular control cables used in sizes 8 AWG and larger are three conductor cables having black insulation surface ink printed with the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Do not use the same source which is supplying arc welders or other equipment causing line voltage fluctuations.

Thermocouple wire or thermocouple extension wire of the same type must be used to extend thermocouples to indicating or control instrumentation. Electronic instrumentation senses this voltage and converts it to temperature. One method requires that a portion of the armor be removed.

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