Moms Pay High Cost for Caring In a new book, The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued, author and former. The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Ann Crittenden, Author Metropolitan Books $25 (p) ISBN. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and research in economics, history, child development, and law, Ann Crittenden proves definitively that although women.

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Since I was fairly young and clueless inI can’t really compare then and now. Women who have access to money are more likely to spend that money on the children’s well-being than fathers. We’re reading this for book club because I recommended it, but I don’t even want to finish it.

However, where does that leave our children? Crittenden’s critique hte our treatment of mothers, working or otherwise, may prove vital to continued efforts to improve the status of all women in the U. Once again, it seems that feminists are demanding that government provide a suitable subsitute for the work of a stay-at-home mom, so that women can be free to “have it all” and crittendne saved from the tough choices that come with bringing a child into the world.

I chastised myself when I had those thoughts and reflected on what I really think the place of a woman and a mother really is in our o and in the world.

crlttenden They could require more fair divorce settlements. I wish the author had allowed some space to discuss mothers who choose motherhood, and who tend their children because they believe it is the best choice to make for them.

The Price of Motherhood Quotes by Ann Crittenden

Now, she is expected, by law, to both work and to do the bulk of the nurturing of children. He was qualified to be sent to a home for retarded children when he was adopted by Virginia and Lewis Williams. Yep — “quality day care” of the touted studies you know, the ones that show that children in “quality” care do as well as those with mother’s at home is actually elusive, and where it exists, expensive and with long waiting lists, giving some mothers no choice but to stay home with their own children.

There is a way, I think, that women of my generation, no matter how well-developed our desires, still believe at some gut level that a knight on a white horse will ride in to save us from ourselves. Child care, child care, child care. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? While that might have been relevant at time of publish,I’m suspicious of how they hold up now.

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Bold and galvanizing, full of innovative solutions, Labor of Love offers a much-needed accounting of the price mothers pay to carry out society’s most important job.

Is it government’s role to provide birth to age 5 care for children? I don’t know if the countries like Greece, which are facing such huge financial chrises were on her list of forward-thinking countries or not, but I’m curious. As a mother at home with seven children, I work and I contribute a lot; and yet, in most measures, I am considered even worse than “unemployed.

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued

Furthermore, Crittenden takes divorce as a matter of course and something that cannot be helped, reversed or lessened at all. When the substitute isn’t adequate, they demand we throw more money at it until it is. I think the roles of mothers and fathers continue to evolve, however, and this book seems a bit one-sided in light of this view. Also, educated and amibitous women are waiting longer and longer to have fewer and fewer children. Definitely an must read. And we need to show it by how we treat mothers and NOT just those mothers who perform in the way we think is ideal.

Crittenddn the government would just step it up and provide quality day care or allow more nannies in or mandate 6 hour days for crittendeen moms, then there would be a real choice. I have bought half a dozen copies of the book, in hard cover, because I felt so strongly about the value of what Crittenden has to say. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I appreciated her depth of research, however, many of her studies come from the mids.

I also tthe that France is considering ending their 35 hour work week, in favor of a 40 hour work-week. Crittenden offers mothherhood compelling argument that transcends the “mommy wars” and gets to the heart of what I think is really at stake there anyway.

So essentially, the SS system says that a mother is worth half of what a breadwinner kotherhood. The great majority of married mothers become economically dependent on their husbands but family law does not grant them financial equality in marriage, or recognize marriage as an equal economic partnership.

But this youthful commitment was something that I accomplished with little difficulty. Yes, a real choice that motherhoood cost society an enormous amount of money through expanded socialism and entitlements and still won’t be as good as the traditional family.


What about women who can’t, or choose not to, reproduce? Sep 25, Saleh MoonWalker rated it liked it Shelves: The costs of motherhood are apparent everywhere.

The price of motherhood : why the most important job in the world is still the least valued

Every woman I’ve given it to has thanked me and pronounced it fascinating, eye-opening and important reading. It falls into the trap of focusing primarily on upper-middle-class white feminism not exclusively, to its credit, but intersectionality isn’t really a key focus in most of the bookmotherhlod parts of it don’t hold up particularly well.

What I had wondered was why so many women and children in this country are poor. At the time I made my youthful decision, there were few visible and positive examples of the myriad ways to be a woman, raise a family and have a career. Children require sacrifices, which Crittenden, who od home with her first child and paid her own “mommy tax” in her high-profile career as a journalist, well knows.

In a nutshell– the most What I liked about this book is the fair treatment it gave to both stay-at-home moms and working moms. I still hope to get married and have kids.

This is an argument that I agree with completely. Crittenden has done some serious homework in this book serving up some awesome empirical evidence in support of her claims, most of which are economical considerations and concerns.

May 17, Suzanne Kunz Williams rated it really liked it Shelves: Legal nannies are hard priice find and even harder to retain. There are so many things that I hadn’t given consideration to, that I should have.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Her book analyzes the plight of mothers from a variety of lenses: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Crittenden proposes several remedies, some available in most industrialized countries paid maternity leave, flexible work hours for parents, universal preschool, free health coverage for children and others seemingly utopian Social Security credits for mothering, remedying the tax bias against married working mothers. Drawing Bold and galvanizing, full of innovative solutions, The Price of Motherhood reveals the glaring disparity between the value created by mothers’ work and the reward women receive for carrying out society’s most important job.