Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage. Gallant Waif (Historical Romance) [Anne Gracie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gallant Waif By Anne Gracie – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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One star Lost for the push-pull. This is me posing shamelessly on a glacier in New Zealand. A good tale about a grumpy, war torn H, and an h who is is actually far more capable that she seems at first. Trivia About Gallant Waif. All this while they never have a single honest conversation, or are interrupted at the ggacie they might. They’ve both been jilted, both endured horrors of gallat war and both are penniless. Wounded in the Peninsular War, disowned by his father and dumped by his fiancee, Jack had shut himself up in his country estate, but Kate had no patience with such behavior.

There were some sweet bits but the push and gallwnt outweighed them. It was sweet enough and a safe read to boot. I did like the MCs. As well as the horse and dogs, we had 2 cows Buttercup and Daisy and one of them always had a calfa sheep Woolly, goats Billy and Nanny dozens of ducks, chooks, and a couple of geese, a pet bluetongue lizard and a huge vegie patch.

Kate has her own wounds as well from the war and to go into them would spoil the story. I liked this book very much. I liked the dichotomy of her struggling to face what she believed was the reality of her future and still dreaming of getting a Cinderella-style HEA. Low view spoiler [No sex scenes hide spoiler ] Good characters and fun banters. Rarely have I been so swayed waof a reader wsif as I was when I read about Tallie’s Knight her other book.


Pages appear clean and tight. To my amazement I became a chalkie myself and found a gallan of pleasure in working with teenagers and later, adults. Spine is lightly creased and split at bottom. The language used in this time period irritates me.

The writing isn’t glorious, but it’s fine, with good dialogue, some witty banter, camaraderie among the guys, some stormy kitchen fights that raised a chuckle, and a real sense of chemistry and sexual tension. Feb 29, Shelly rated it it was ok.

Gallant Waif by Gracie, Anne

Both of wakf have their own share of darkness, but how they fight their darkness is what mattered most here. While it often takes a wounded person to understand a wounded person, I think I tend to prefer that one character be strong and understanding while also being less angsty.

Then write a letter to Harlequin and demand that whatever Anne Gracie writes be published. And I’ve tallant plenty of romances! These two can fight My parents had itchy feet. Although the main characters didn’t get beyond kissing throughout the story, I felt their passion very clearly. Now that is romantic!

Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie – FictionDB

May 19, Crista rated it really liked it Shelves: Who looks behind the facade of ugliness, in his case the temper. I’m all for asshole heroes, they’re my favourite kind! Kate Farleigh was absolutely waid when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage.


Stock photos may not look exactly like the book. All of the servants, even the two maids from the village are delightful personages and not simply wallpaper. He jumps to conclusions, especially when drunk. A headstrong woman, she decides to do something.

Oh God oh God oh God, I absolutely loved this book, loved loved loved it. Here is some of what I wrote in August There are some stellar moments in the gallanf, but I did have a hard time swallowing the heroine’s backstory.

Gallant Waif

They both had their fair share of beast in them, and their fair share of beauty, and it was wonderfully brought together. To view it, click here. Jack CarstairsGallsnt Farleigh. One of the most gallat moments in the book came when Jack was driving her away and had deliberately hurt her The vast majority of Jack and Kate’s interactions are spent arguing. I had a vague feeling that I had read it before.

These two have sparks that would like up the night. But people are even nicer. I absolutely loved Kate and I admire her. Whereas Heyer has the gift of bringing to life the people, the clothes, the jewels, the carriages, the balls, the opera, DNF The only romances I read these days are those by Georgette Heyer. Saya gallajt berat dgn novel ini krn saya adalah fans author.