Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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On the day that we had the sun in the zenith we felt greater heat, as much as when we were on the equinoctial line. Since there are several curious persons very illustrious and very reverend lord who not only are pleased to listen to and learn the great and wonderful things which God has permitted me to see and suffer in the long and perilous navigation, which I have performed and which is written hereafterbut also they desire to learn the methods and fashions of the road which I have taken in order to go thither, [and who do] not grant firm belief to the end unless they are first well advised and assured of the commencement.

However, an account of the voyage, written by Pigafetta between andsurvives in four manuscript versions: Dureza About John P. Their provisions are certain fruits named Cochi, Battate; there are birds, figs a palm long, [] sweet canes, and flying fish.

About Antonio Pigafetta | The Philippine Diary Project

Finally very illustrious lordafter all provisions had been made, and the vessels were in order, the captain-general, a discreet and virtuous man, careful of his honour, would pigafefta commence his voyage without first making some good and wholesome ordinances, such as it is the good custom to make for those who go to sea.

After that, our men buried the man who had been killed, and set fire to the place where those giants had left their chattels. From the middle of this marrow there comes out a clear sweet water, and very cordial, which, when it has rested a little, and settled, congeals and becomes like an apple. Around the world in days with Antonio Pigafetta, an Italian citizen who just went along for the ride. James of the Swordwho had performed several voyages in the ocean sea in which he had behaved very honourably as a good manI set out with many others in my favour from Barcelona, where at the time the Emperor was, and came by sea as plgafetta as Malaga, and thence I went away by land until I arrived at the said city of Seville.

Their houses are constructed of wood, covered with planks, with fig leaves, which are two ells in length: If these animals could run they would be very bad and cruel, but they do not stir from the water, and swim and live upon fish.

They find themselves the better from the use of this fruit because it refreshes them much, for this country is very hot, so that they could not live without it. It is to be noted that all and as many times as that light which represents the said St. On the receipt of this message, the captain decided to go himself with three boats. Burns Diary of John P. The next day this giant returned, and brought one of those large animals before mentioned, for which the captain gave him some other things, so that he should bring more.


The king hearing that sent two dead pigs. Antonio Pigafetta also wrote a book, in which a detailed account of the voyage was given. The other two giants were there, and were desirous of helping the other two, but the captain would not let them, and made a sign to the two whom he wished to detain that they would put those irons on their feet, and then they would go away: There are also some pigs which have their navel on the back, [33] and large birds which have their beak like a spoon, and they have no tongue.

Journal of Magellan’s Voyage – World Digital Library

They wear small hats, after the fashion of the Albanians; these hats are made of palm leaves. There I remained for the space of three months, waiting till the said armade was in order and readiness to perform its voyage. Only old women are able to consecrate the boar in this manner, and this animal is never eaten unless it is killed in this manner. Julian there were a great quantity of long capres, [61] called Missiglione; these had pearls in pigafettw midst.

At our landing the two kings were there, and received our captain in a friendly manner, and placed him between them, and then we went to the place prepared for saying mass, which was not far from the shore. The king, before we went away, was very gay, and kissed our hands, and we kissed his. During this time of two months and twelve days we navigated between west and north-west maestraland a quarter west of north-west, and also north-west, until we came to the equinoctial line, which was at [a point] one hundred and twenty-two degrees distant from the line of repartition.

After we had passed the equinoctial line we navigated between west, and north-west and a quarter west, by north-west.

If he wished to make sail, he signalled to the other ships with four lights, so that they should do as he did, and follow him. National Library of Australia.

The king promised that all this should be done, because he truly believed in Jesus Christ. The second old woman then presents a cup of wine to the first, who, whilst they both continue their address to the sun, brings the cup four or five times near her mouth as though going to drink, and meanwhile sprinkles the wine on the heart of the pig.

Now this custom arose as follows: I omit relating many other strange things, not to be too prolix; aantonio, I will not forget to say that mass was said twice on shore, where there were many people of the said country, who remained on antonuo knees, and their hands joined in great reverence, during the mass, so that it was a pleasure and a subject of compassion to see them. This jiurnal kind have no feet and are always in the sea.


The captain seeing that they were of this good condition, to do them greater honour conducted them to the ship, and showed them all jourrnal goods, that is to say, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, [] gold and all that was in the ship. He then served on board the ships of the Knights of Rhodes at the beginning of the 16th century. Next morning the king came and took me by the hand, and so we went to the place where we had supped, to breakfast, but the boat came to fetch us.

In this place we endured a great storm, and thought we should have been lost, but the three holy bodies, that is to say, St. There was a problem adding your email address. Francis Cheregato, [3] then apostolic proto-notary, and ambassador of jiurnal Pope Leon the Tenth, who, through his virtue, afterwards arrived at the bishoprick of Aprutino and the principality of Theramo, and knowing both by the reading of many books and by the report of many lettered and well-informed persons who conversed with the said proto-notary, the very great and awful things of the ocean, Antonuo deliberated, with the favour of the Emperor and pigafettz above-named lord, to experiment and go and see with antnio eyes a part of those things.

Bell Diary of Clinton S. Considering the great and impetuous storms [7] which are on the ocean sea, where I wished to go; and for another reason also, that is to say that the masters and captains of the other ships of his company did antknio love him: Piagfetta Read Edit View history. He had very black hair coming down to his shoulders, with a silk cloth on his head, and two large gold rings hanging from his ears, he had a cloth of cotton worked with silk, which covered him from the waist to the knees, at his side he wore a dagger, with a long handle which was all of gold, its sheath was of carved wood.

Reproduced and translated here for the first time is the rare Paris edition, which had the greatest influence on his contemporary Europe. The first was at the beginning of the night, the second at midnight, and the third towards break of day, which is commonly called La dianeotherwise the star of the break of kournal.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. This the captain agreed to. Translation of Le voyage et navigation faict par les Espaignols originally published under title: Then the king answered that he would speak to his council, and give an answer the next day. He was a long time with us, and at the end we baptised him, and gave him the name of John. After having anotnio inside this strait we found that there were two mouths, of which pigzfetta trended to the Sirocco S.

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