According to AOCS CD 8b (Peroxide Value Acetic Acid-Isooctane Method); ISO (Animal and vegetable fats and oils. SAMPLING AND ANALYSIS OF COMMERCIAL FATS AND OILS AOCS Official Method Cd 8b Revised Peroxide Value Acetic. AOCS has standardized a method for. PV determination with chloroform (Cd. 8- 53) and with isooctane (Cd 8b). The latter method uses a mixture of acetic.

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Immediately remove from heat and cool. If the titration is less than 0. Starch indicator solution—tested for sensitivity, prepared by making a paste with 1 g of starch see Cv, 2 and a small amount of cold distilled water.

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The International Standards Organization ISO successfully completed an international collaborative study of 8 method in Test the saturated KI solution by adding 2 drops of starch solution to 0.

Sodium thiosulfate solution, 0. The values presented may not be applicable to matrices other than those presented and may not be representative for other concentrations.

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Allow the solution to stand with occasional shaking for exactly 1 min, and then immediately add 30 mL of distilled water see Notes, 3 and References, 1.

Add, while stirring, to mL of boiling c and boil for a few seconds. Titrate with sodium thiosulfate solution, shaking continuously until yellow color has almost disappeared. The blank titration must not exceed 0. If stored under refrigeration, the starch solution should be stable for about 2—3 weeks.

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Rapid mechanical stirring e. The following are suitable starches: Avoid contact with the skin. Replaced by Cd 8b We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Continue the titration with constant agitation, especially near the end point, to liberate all of the iodine from the solvent layer.

If the titration is less than 0. Acetic acid in the pure state is moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation.

Add the thiosulfate solution dropwise until the blue color just disappears see Notes, 4. ce

The strength of the sodium thiosulfate solution is expressed in terms of its normality. The deep blue color produced aoc be discharged by 0.


Potassium iodide KI solution—saturated, prepared fresh each day analysis is performed by dissolving an excess of KI in recently boiled distilled water about Size px x x x x The results are presented in ISO Allow to stand for 5 min and then add mL of distilled water. Please help us to share our service with your friends. The sample must be clear and brilliant. Add, while stirring, to mL of boiling water and boil for a few seconds. Fresh indicator must be prepared when the end point of the titration from blue to colorless fails to be sharp.

It is toxic by inhalation and has anesthetic properties.

AOCS CD 8b – 90 Peroxido

The nutritional quality indexes were also calculated. The sample must be clear and brilliant. Plant aoxs are a good source of compounds that decrease the risk of some diseases.