Defensive standard AQAP contains the NATO requirements for Quality Assurance in design, development and manufacturing. It is designed especially for. The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) are standards for quality assurance systems AQAP NATO Requirements for Deliverable Quality Plans; AQAP NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development. Find the most up-to-date version of AQAP at Engineering

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Allied Quality Assurance Publications – Wikipedia

Offer About us News Certificates Contact. In case of detonation, JAKUSZ vessels protect human life, infrastructure and natural environment against the effects of explosion. Products designed for Slovak military and NATO are intended for provision of national defense and by their nature are highly specific.

AQAP international standards based on ISO requirements and are included by specific requirements that are necessary for the military department. Application Magazine types Guidelines for quotation request. Take the next step How can we help you?


Jakusz – Innovation for safe future. Awap demilitarization technologies designed for secure destruction of various types of ammunition, mines, missiles, special ammunition, and improvised explosive devices IEDs.

Management reliability and maintainability of the product, Mastering quality throughout the product lifecycle. Training offer Important information Application form.

Focus on ensuring compliance with the contractual requirements of a particular contract, especially the ability of quality planning for a particular contract, Demonstrate the ability of risk management, Demonstrate effective communication with customers, including the designated representative for Quality Assurance, Manage configuration management planning and documentation procedures at least in the range: Specific requirements of AQAP compared to We are pleased to announce that the JAKUSZ company, on base of positive result of the audit, has received a certificate confirming that the quality management system in our organization meets the requirements of AQAP For 210 is appropriate if the organization has already implemented a quality system in accordance with the requirements of Wqap standard.

JAKUSZ company offers training courses on land clearance of unexploded ordnance and other 1210 courses. Identification of the configurations Configuration management, Configuration Status Accounting, Verifying the configuration.


Allied Quality Assurance Publications

JAKUSZ company offers information security technologies as well as technologies for protection of facilities and installations of critical importance for the internal security of the country. Info Guidelines for quotation request.

Mobile and stationary depots provide protection against effects of an explosion such as a shock wave and fragments. The contribution of established and certified quality system according to AQAP is an opportunity to actively compete for the contract for the Army of the Slovak Republic and other NATO member states.

Info Munitions destruction technologies Munitions dismantling technologies Guidelines for quotation request.