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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program. Reference URL. and Ammunition Components AR Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives AR Military Explosives TM Regulations. Used Washington DC: Dept of Army, March Soft Cover. 2 pages, Good. Item #

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You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! For 38-65 involving equipment bailed to anon-DOD organization for modification, maintenance, repair, test, contract training, or experimental project for a DODcomponent, when the Government has assumed ground and flight risk, the Army headquarters that negotiates thecontract for the materiel is the convening authority. Deputy Chief of Staff, G—1.

Initial notification and reporting of Army accidentsPersons involved in, or aware of, an Army accident will report it immediately to the commander or supervisor directlyresponsible for the operation, materiel, or persons involved.

These models will be used to guide organizations and to aid in efforts to improve operations by analyzing howtime is spent within an organization. Recommend improvements in processes, design, procedures and operating equipment to minimize hazards. Civil aircraft owned by civil operators and accomplishing contract air missions for the Army.

These evaluations will not be compliance audits, but rather programmatic assessments to measure theoverall effectiveness of management controls for integrating the Army Safety Program into their business process andmission execution.

Guidance in DA Pam—16 must be followed. Provide administrative and logistical support for the investigation board. The RSO should be the recorder and will be a voting member.


Hospitalization for observation or administrative reasons not related to the immediate injury or occupationalillness. The RSO may not serve as thechair.

The convening authority is responsible for the safety investigation and reporting,although the equipment may not be under the operational control of the Army. Witnesseswill be advised that their statements may not be used for internal DOD adverse administrative or disciplinary purposes.

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Their decision should be based ontheir relative degrees of involvement as well as considerations of administrative convenience. For all other accidents, submit the original copy of the report to Commander, U.

Themodel will be used as an aid in the organization structure to determine the optimum organization for achieving themission. Senior commanders are responsible for the safety of people, the environment, and the public on their installation.

The Department of The Army Explosives Safety Council will be organized as a standing Army council to discussand resolve Army technical explosives safety policy issues. For all other classes of accidents, notification and reporting procedures will be in accordance with other sections of thisregulation.

DA PAM –65 – AKO US Army

Army Safety, Office of the Chief of Staff,and Processing accident reportsPrepare one original and two copies of the appropriate forms and supporting ae.

The Army Headquarters safety office will ensure that theaccident report is complete and take additional actions when required. Career Program Career Planning Board a. Commanders will reviewthe original report, concur or nonconcur in writing, and return the report through channels to the Army Headquarters. Deliberate damage to aircraft or equipment or injury to aircraft or equipment occupants.


The Army will comply with therequirements in all nonmilitary DOD operations and workplaces, regardless of whether work is performed by militaryor DA Civilian personnel. Exhibit knowledge and apply fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of their environmental specialty. The explosive safety resources provided come from DoD sources, other public sector sources, and the private sector.

Coordination for 358-65 a transfer of authority should include specific agreement on fundingthe cost of the investigation. Personnel of other Services may be used as members of Army accident investigation boards; however, aparticipant from another Service will not be designated as president of the board. Class E ground accident.

AR 385-64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program

Accidents caused solely by environmental factors for example, high winds, hail, orlightning will be reported and recorded in Army Safety Management Information System as environmental accidents. Knowledgeable in the application of Army Regulations to facility plans and procedures, specifically:. Department 3385-65 Labor according to 29 CFR To aid the DASA ESOH in developing strategic policy and theODASAF in developing and implementing policy and programs, the following councils will be chartered according toAR 15—1 to provide technical advice, participate in program development, and maintain various portions of thisregulation and supporting DA pamphlets.

Each safety organization will zr efforts to develop military and DA Civilian safety expertise through trainingprograms, effective career development, and management procedures.